Half of the brain power I've used still being awake has been spent on this very frustrating--


the Ikoria preview opening with a Vivien Reid cosplayer doing the Godzilla challenge.

(I'm sorry.)

(I'll also say as an aside that these, and my Elegies published in previous issues of Uncanny, are all from the same work and speaking in a similar chorus, and of all the places I'm glad to have these pieces, I'm damn glad it's Uncanny in particular.)

Now that the contracts are signed--and days before my birthday, no less--I'll say that I've recently sold not one, but two poems to @UncannyMagazine@twitter.com.

They're both from the perspective of a lagahoo.

I can't wait for you to read them. Soon come.

(I say that like listening to Polkadot Stingray doesn’t *always* generate story moods in my brain)

tfw 「DENKOUSEKKA」gives birth to an entire anime in your brain

So nobody ever made a clip of the greatest moment in @AfroSenju@twitter.com's Persona 5: The Royal stream yesterday, so I just decided... Afro really had the shounen protagonist energy and I can't wait for the rest of these streams.

I guess that's it? Thank you for indulging me! (And yes, save all best wishes for the Saturday.)


6. I'm still thinking that sometime on Saturday I may end up just streaming some poetry reading and chatting with folks on Twitch. Maybe, maybe not. But heads up, if I do read, I'm reading this poem, so if I don't read, it'd be a gift if you just read it. uncannymagazine.com/article/dr

5. Obviously, you can't share a cake with me, because quarantine. But on Saturday, have a slice of cake or a scoop of ice cream and think of me, just a little.

4c. Support those for whom bouncing back from times like these require support. We're all in this together.

4b. Conversely, I am not the only freelance creative who may be in need. I would greatly recommend throwing some coin and supporting the work of fine folks such as these:


4. Surely you're under no obligation, because times are tough for everybody, but you'd like to support me financially, I would like to get a running desktop very soon, because working from home without one has actually been really mentally frustrating? ko-fi.com/therisingtithes

3. Buy my games. I made a couple of new ones earlier this week, even! twitter.com/therisingtithes/st

3b. If you are playing them, I'd love to hear what you think!
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A reminder that Hot-Blooded/Cool-Headed Lovers and The Moon Wants Me To Leave You are new to my Itch game storefront, if you're looking for something to play!


2b. If you're a Black science fiction and fantasy writer, consider submitting to @fiyahlitmag@twitter.com. Subs are now open for our June issue!
RT @fiyahlitmag
We're now open for UNTHEMED submissions for our July issue through the end of the@fiyahlitmag@twitter.com window for the "JOY" issue now opens May 1st).

Check our guidelines and send us the good stuff. fiyahlitmag.com/submissions/

2. Read @fiyahlitmag@twitter.com. Read the latest issue. Offer a gift subscription to a friend, if able. I love FIYAH, I love the inimitable privilege of picking poetry for it each issue. I dare say you will enjoy it.
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FIYAH Is@fiyahlitmag@twitter.comow available for download. $3.99 fiyahlitmag.com/shop/issues/20

1b. Along the lines of 'they don't need to be to/for/about me', consider writing a poem that you think may bring joy, calm, delight, or understanding to someone close to you, & sharing it with them this weekend. I don't even need to know. But it will still be a gift.

Without any obligation to the reader, here are some things I would absolutely love if you want to wish me a happy birthday this Saturday:

1. If you planned on verbal/written wishes, I would love them in poem form. They don't need to be to/for/about me, but I'd love your poetry.

Thankfully, I'm at home, doing the right thing, working, trying to be ~productive~. Even though I'm accustomed to working from home, though, this isn't exactly doing wonders for my focus.

What was I talking about, again?

Oh, right, my birthday.

My birthday is this weekend.

Usually, I have a lot of strange feelings about my birthday. I have very peculiar feelings about the fact that this time around, I turn [redacted] years old amidst an international pandemic response. Living in history is unpredictable like that.

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