And of course, I'm still working on my own projects in the lab, and it gives me great joy to see folks play my games, so my very big dream is to just watch all you badasses play - but first it needs to be finished! And I'm working on it! I promise!😅

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Here's just a snippet of the stuff I'd still love to do:
- bring more BIPOC indie designers to chat on @speculatesf;
- run an all-Caribbean actual-play series (OF COURSE);
- do cool stuff with the @HuetopiaTV crew; &
- play alongside @kilnfiendpotter someday bc they're rad.

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It's season again?!

YO! I'm Brandon: Trinidadian writer, poet, RPG designer, podcaster, streamer, GM, and all-round nerd!

I'd love to run/play more games with y'all, to be quite frank! So many of you are doing rad stuff and I have plenty respect for it!

Keanu nooooooooo

not only is the market hella crashing already, but you are in a hell of a sticky wicket if you're being coaxed into getting into a crashing visual medium alongside your romantic partner who is a visual artist by trade

that's the dawghouse either way bredren

I mean, it would lean heavily into the anime release to draw new users, its narrative motifs are clearly very accessible and its characters are loads of fun, and it'd give Toei more data points about whether the franchise is growing overseas. No?

cc @IoriKusano @charlesatan

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soooooo I just realised something:

obviously they're here because they're heavily invested in bringing more Rider to the US, but hear me out: what if TokuSHOUTsu is only here to announce that they're gonna bring Kamen Rider W to the service?🤔
RT @AnimeExpo
Join Team Kamen Rider panel on July 2nd @ 7:30 PM in room 403AB with @tokushoutsu @Crunchyroll @stonebotcomics & @BrandonEaston. News, announcements, and the world premiere of Fu…

Live now! Come hang out with us and hear us talk about fantasy and RPGs and more!
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Finally, I'm back on my own channel at 9 p.m. EDT for a special stream, as @AlliAlleyEnt's @skydawn1 and @ChrisRNegelein join @therisingtithes and me to talk about magic, mechanics, and new classes in the Grayshade RPG. See you starting at …

Wanna learn more about the Grayshade RPG, what the cool folks at @AlliAlleyEnt have come up with to make the system shine, and how it all connects to @gregoryawilson's brilliant trilogy? Then you should join us over at at 9pm EDT!
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Finally, I'm back on my own channel at 9 p.m. EDT for a special stream, as @AlliAlleyEnt's @skydawn1 and @ChrisRNegelein join @therisingtit…

I adore this piece! @yishkabob makes a wonderful case for reading CAN YOU SIGN MY TENTACLE? here: "Maybe our postcolonial profs oughta start teaching this stuff?" I'm terribly flattered!
RT @yishkabob
My monthly column for @SGUnbound1 is up! I decided to focus on global speculative writing this time, feat. @therisingtithes , @clarakan , @cmkosemen , @LaurentBinetH & Stanislaw Lem.

I could really do with some help at the moment, so your support would be greatly appreciated!
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I'm trying to take care of some bills and hopefully be able to afford some convention travel later in the year! As always, your support is appreciated!

a special Summer Sale on Itch:

Live on Twitch tonight! You’ve heard me talk about Kamen Rider, you’ve heard me talk about RPGs, but… do you wanna talk about Kamen Rider RPGs?

If you can, lend your support to the communities doing work to make sure no one has to experience that kind of anguish:

And in Trinidad, that means consider lending support to the Family Planning Association:

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And again, no parent actually even owes your ass or mine a reason, even if it weren’t this. But it stings already to see so many people say so harrowingly, “this has been the reason”. We owe everyone who makes such a choice better than allowing this kind of suffering to continue.

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Birth is an invitation. It is an invitation into a world that should be full of opportunity and joy—you wouldn’t invite an adult friend to a bad party.

Forcing people to invite children into suffering is cruelty. Very *least* of which is asking those parents to watch in dread.

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Those are a lot of the stories we’ve already heard and seen—people who wanted a kid but had tragic complications, people who wanted a kid but not their abuser’s kid, people who wanted a kid but didn’t want them so badly as to watch them suffer slowly for the mere luxury of life.

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You wanna know why it’s no one else’s business why someone has an abortion?

Because in a lot of cases you may actually hear stories like these—of families who wanted very badly to avoid watching a kid suffer and not being able to save them—because the story hurts to tell.

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If this minority of ideology that believes the lives of children are sacrosanct, they would believe communities should do whatever they must to avoid letting kids suffer slowly by any means. But it appears that some people would rather the suffering actually continue unabated.

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“But what about putting it up for—”

Many of us have never seen the inside of an orphanage or children’s home. Actually well-meaning social workers notwithstanding, in a lot of ways, that system is worse than asking to watch kids suffer—it’s knowing they suffer and turning away.

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“Well then, why didn’t they just go get—”

Dozens of Twitter users have already told upsetting stories that include doctors literally stalling vasectomies because these people live in a world where making a baby seems more important than actually taking care of one.

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It’s the ‘stop buying fast food’ of Sex Ed for the middle- and lower-class—the notion that what is really going the wrong way for people struggling to make ends meet is that they want, that they possess desires they can’t tamp down. That, ultimately, desire is for the privileged.

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