Middle-of-the-night brainstorm:

replace special armor with a narrative-loaded abstract noun, like dignity.

Not only does it imply a correlation between your magic & your self-concept, but everyone can access it, and giving it up has narrative consequences.


If you're so inclined, there are other ways you can support me, my writing and game design work, and my personal development:
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Reminder: if you want to help me eat & make art, I have a Patreon (patreon.com/therisingtithes), a PayPal (paypal.me/brandonobrien), & a Ko-Fi (ko-fi.com/therisingtithes). I also love it when people read & share my work! uncannymagazine.com/article/d…

A handful of kitties. (When a cat plays with the Pink Ribbon in the first picture, it has a chance to turn into them wearing the dress in the last picture. It is very cute.)

Most recent kitties.

Note black cat Oddie trying to get cozy in the best possible place for the heat (and somehow still not enjoying it).

Past kitties.

Look at Turkie putting their paw on the lamp. Look at Hairband and Marine bobbing their heads in the suitcase. Pure glee.

Past kitties.

The world is so warm that Permid went right back to their sleeping spot in front of the black fan. I feel you, dawg.

Here’s a thread worth your attention.
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Did you know it’s this month? It’s also the 30th anniversary of the ADA this month (two weeks from today!). *And* we’re living through a pandemic that’s going to leave people disabled.

So let’s talk about disability in kidlit, shall we?

Being a cake is to 2020 Twitter as not having a bookmark is to 2019 Twitter.

Surprising no one, @coldcrashpics is out with another goddamn stellar video--one that has as much to say about the distinction between formal film critique and lay reviews as it has to say about the film in question!


Almost by strange instinct, you dash the faux-pizza away. The house's dog rushes to lap it up. You notice as its ear perks up that even it is merely chocolate and sugar and warm batter.

You turn to your host and their family. The brown icing on their skin begins to run.

Later that evening, they tear off two slices and put it in a paper plate for you as you watch the movie.

The crust is stuffed with melted icing sugar. The pepperoni loses its shape in the evening heat. The centre of the dough reveals red velvet.

You mention this to the host of the house, but they seem impressed that you discovered the ruse. "It's just a thing we do sometimes," they joke. "Cool, huh? So realistic. Right?" They remind you that they're ordering in--you've come to settle in for a movie. Pizza sounds good.

You try the soap bar in the shower tray instead. It crumbles into a chocolate centre at your touch.

You decide to just wipe eagerly with toilet paper and call it a day. The entire roll turns plasmid to the touch, a mess of batter and food colouring.

You go to a friend's house, take off your shoes to put on their guest house slippers to walk in. It goes soft and wet between your toes. You are wearing cakes.

You go into the bathroom to wash your feet. At the sink to wash your hands, fondant comes out the soap dispenser.

Pretty sure it's not available in my region, but if you're in the US and have never experienced Kamen Rider:

the movie Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER is about to have its US premiere on Nerdist and Geek & Sundry's YouTube channels!


Before I forget to mention here, @cali_keftiu put together a damn good FitD resource right here that literally turned what I imagined was briefly daunting and huge into a very manageable thought in my brain:
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Procrastinating on my own design work by breaking down the elements of Blades in the Dark’s playbook design into simple, explicit designs, in order to make building your own easier! Full credit to @john_harper f…

Random question for folks who have worked on/are working on Forged in the Dark stuff:

what are your tips for iterating playbook abilities?

Watch BrainDead.

Aside: a major part of why I'm upset BrainDead didn't get more seasons is that it means it didn't get more JoCo singing recaps.

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