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If you don’t know, is god-tier
Taco Baco

A game b@LiteralSoup@twitter.comto taco bell, order to-go, and grab a handful of each hot sauce and dump them into your bag.

Your characters start in an unidentified taco restaurant in hell. Draw one sauce to determine your character trait.

In the morning, the game truly begins:

the act of becoming a tourist?!?

This weekend has been so big-hearted, so warm, so delightful, so full of good games and good discussion. I will miss it all. Goodnight, Big Bad Con. Thank you for being such a wonderful time. 🐺🎲

Also, lemme just say that I’m really enjoying So many talented designers and eager players! So many amazing opportunities to make exciting new play experiences! It’s an absolute delight to be here. ♥️🎲♥️

Earlier today I played For The Lost, a rad narrative horror game by that I absolutely adored. What began as the fear of an unfathomable threat became such an intense, personal thing, & wrestling with its impact was really engaging. I definitely want to play that again.

I’ve been meaning to kindly mumble about the fact that the crosswalks in Walnut Creek don’t have stripes and it’s been freaking me the fuck out and I don’t know why

It's Saturday at Big Bad Con and yuh boy pretty hype. Today is the real working day, I feel--time to start polishing my wares! Also, I really want to pass by the dealers' hall again and just stare at the rad games I can't afford!

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Reminder: if you want to help me eat & make art, I have a Patreon (, a PayPal (, a Ko-Fi (, & an itch​.io ( I also love it when people read & share my work!

Next up: learning the basics of the dueling sabre. (Pictured: me and a fencing helmet!) I’m pretty sure I’m the only left-hander here, and that gives me power. Also, this is giving me scene ideas for like three short stories.

The Improv for Gamers session at is *wild* so far. I really need to do stuff like this more often! Flexing my performance and imagination muscles is refreshing.

Also: Jarritos also makes sorrel soda? I need to buy a case of the stuff and take it home, no lie.

The neat thing about’s Soda Pop Social isn’t just that it’s a non-alcoholic opportunity to mingle—it’s also a moment to expose yourself to some truly new drink experiences. I’ve now gotten to pop the top of a Ramune bottle! Also, Jarritos tamarind soda is pretty good!

One fun thing about cons is that you’re among people so creative that you just have wild-ass, utterly revelatory conversations. To wit: whether Toad’s head is hair or flesh eventually snowballing into the desire to overthrow the colonial monarchy of the Mushroom Kingdom.

There seems to be a heavy button culture at the con, tho—and lots of really cool play opportunities to get them! I got the one on the left by telling the story of Sinikka Kivi being possessed by her girlfriend. CC

I keep forgetting to make an effort to do some cool ribbons for cons, because it’s something I really want to do at least once. Maybe next time!

I didn’t know that has a ribbon culture! Although I’ve only seen pronoun ribbons, the plus side is THERE ARE PRONOUN RIBBONS! Especially blanks for neopronouns! If I ever get to come back, I definitely want to make some neat ones of my own.

I should say I’m doing the Magical Realism thing so I can work on my verse novel for NaNoWriMo, shouldn’t I? 🤔
A Team update for you:
Team Fantasy - 15
Horror - 4
Magical Realism - 6
Other - 3
Sci-Fan - 4
Sci-Fi - 8

Peer-pressure your BIPOC friends into joining a writing team before sign-ups close at the end of the month.

(I should clarify that I also don’t want to put my roommate in a tight spot over this either, because I want to make folks comfortable, but that is a responsibility I’m sure I’ll be able to tackle. I just don’t want that part to take too long, but it’ll happen.)

Money is great source of anxiety rn and I wish I could give you all something back for it.

In related news, I plan on giving patrons another peek under the hood of later this evening. (I just haven’t picked what to show!)

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