Roses are red,
violets are blue,
IQ doesn't measure intelligence
And is frequently misconstrued.

Amazon astroturfing • Pays people to tweet positive, corporate-friendly messages about how great it is to work as a human robot in an Amazon warehouse #linkblog

Just realised that the easiest way to get people to understand Mastodon is to explain instances like they're email providers. You have to give the whole address, and you can send from any instance to any other instance--your friends on gmail can still get messages from your yahoo account.

This makes me feel like back in ye olde days when everyone was rolling their own websites and email servers and everything. I kinda like it.

Well I'm back as I prep for a Twitter hiatus. I saw that @wilw joined and I joined over there but that seems like a seriously odd server (blocking China and Russia, run by one dude who is using a pseudonym...) anyone have any better intel?

I just started practicing this week on my new Keyboardio keyboard and it's hands down the best keyboard I've ever used in my life.

OMG I am so totally and completely addicted to PUBG

Nestlé sent us a free Nespresso machine in the office and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I mean, my gut reaction is "yuck" but...

I recently got back into pottery and while I'm super excited about that, I'm probably just as excited about my Resketch notebook. I've had a few of them for years, but this is perfect for my sketches and studio/throwing/glazing notes.

Wandering Shop

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