Busy weeked: two short stories to edit and another two that need do be written. And maybe I’ll try to translate one.

I am a story reviewer for Imagine 2200, a & contest seeking stories that show a path to a clean, green, and just future. (Or just show what it's like to live in that future!)

Feel free to message me with any questions!

🌅 Submissions close on May 5th! 🌄

Full guidelines at: grist.submittable.com/submit

Hello! I’m Thiago, a gay Brazilian SFF author and professor (food engineering, science and biotechnology). I like fairy tales, mythology, catastrophes, biotechnology, astronomy, ancient civilizations, tarot, astrology, enneagram, watercolors, calligraphy, digital drawing, and so on. I co-host a podcast (Incêndio na Escrivaninha) and have a newsletter (Mercúrio em Peixes), both in Portuguese.
I buy more books than I can read.
My website is www.thamblage.com

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