Enjoy a quick little pencil of a mounted archer, from an indeterminate world where horses and bows are a popular method in some cultures for bringing home dinner.

Enjoy the full version of Lucian Dark, aka Chiaroscuro, in mid transformation from Chicago art dealer to alien mage.

... and now, enjoy the full of Helena Saint-Exupéry, a Mage War veteran known as Hex, brandishing her fearsome Night Blade and White Blade.

She and her unit were stranded on Earth after helping to cover the escape route of a group of refugees, who were crossing this dimension on their way out of the war-torn magical realm of Susur.

She's now trying to start a new life on Earth, but her enemies haven't yet forgotten her.


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Enjoy my attempt to out a warrior using a two-handed sword fighting technique. This one didn't quite work for me.

Enjoy the pencil , outline, and full of a shirt of scale mail. Functional enough to offer real protection, but colorful enough for ceremonial use. And who knows? It might even carry an enchantment or two...

So, I finished the third season of The Leviathan Chronicles. The grand finale was everything I wanted out of a action --and then some.

Now I've discovered that they're running a to make more stories set in this world. Yes please. I pitched in as a present to myself.


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"Jones grew up learning there were some things one simply didn’t ask in the Midnight Cabaret, such as how a trick really worked, a performer’s home town, and what Uncle Ernie did on his nights off that sometimes brought him home with bloody knuckles…"

Morris Jones the , AKA "Mojo", has been updated to version 1.5 and got a bit more of a background.

As always, this title is free. Enjoy.


"The Leviathan Chronicles", a which I feared lost after a long silence, is back for a third season!

This thousand-year saga is replete with super-science & action, but I also like its global cast of complicated characters who create well-intentioned messes while fighting to do the right thing. Sides shift, minds change, lines get crossed, for understandable reasons.

Plus the audio is stellar.

So, big fan, big happy.


What happens when the greatest illusion ever performed by the magician who raised you was ... his own life?

“Jinx” has been updated to be compatible with Ten Thousand Worlds version 1.5, and she gets a more detailed origin story.



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