So, I finished the third season of The Leviathan Chronicles. The grand finale was everything I wanted out of a action --and then some.

Now I've discovered that they're running a to make more stories set in this world. Yes please. I pitched in as a present to myself.

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"The Leviathan Chronicles", a which I feared lost after a long silence, is back for a third season!

This thousand-year saga is replete with super-science & action, but I also like its global cast of complicated characters who create well-intentioned messes while fighting to do the right thing. Sides shift, minds change, lines get crossed, for understandable reasons.

Plus the audio is stellar.

So, big fan, big happy.

, Cory Doctorow’s third in the “Little Brother” series, “Attack Surface”, is having a campaign to turn it into a -free .

I hope it succeeds, because that’s how I “read” non-work books —& because the series is frighteningly prophetic & I’m holding out for a happy ending.

Escape Pod did it again. Episode 724, "The Season of the Storm" (Author: Jonathan Edelstein; Narrator: Maxine Moore), served up some classic, old-school Sci-Fi for our current age. They gave me 1960s space-race history, future space-faring Zambians, scientific wonder, , , and smart people using to think their way out of problems.

More please.


Escape Pod 721: “Hustle”, written by Derrick Biden and narrated by Mur Lafferty, is why I always come back for more. Despite its darkly setting, the story’s ferocious pace, , and the heroine’s mix of pragmatism and never-say-die attitude turn it into a really fun ride. And of course, it’s full of .

FYI, the villain is quite villainous, so heed their content warning.

Potential #Spoilers for #Netflix's "The #Witcher" 

While I'm not thrilled that the show seems to be trying to out-Grim-Dark "Game of Thrones", I do like how it handles knowledge. Short of experiencing something directly, characters depend on histories, legends, even bard songs to learn about the monsters they'll face. Unfortunately, those stories can be incomplete, wrong, or straight-up propaganda & lies. They only learn the full truth of their version of that monster in battle.

Potential #Spoilers for Season 3 of #Netflix's "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power" 

So ... this Double Trouble character: , , theater queen, or all-of-the-above? I kid; s/he's a lot of fun to watch.

I suspect I'm not at all the intended audience for this show, but I find it to be charming, effortlessly inclusive, and full of . I particularly like how most —perhaps all— of the magic in the story is really just very advanced technology.

Potential #Spoilers for “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” Episode 7 

Just when you thought this show couldn’t get any trippier, we get putting on other puppets to make “the magic of ”.

Potential #Spoilers for #PseudoPod Episode 663, "Birds of Passage" 

In this by Gordon B. White, existential cosmic awe and seeps into both our mundane landscape and mindscape, but manages to be Lovecraftian without Lovecraft, trading his dark obsession with the human "other" for an exploration of the bonds between father and son.

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