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Greetings, habitués of the Wandering Shop. As Mick Jagger likes to sing, "Please allow me to myself…"

I'm the / of a tabletop role-playing game () who enjoys posting the odd pencil , outline, or full- that eventually became for the game —plus a few that never made it in.

I also like to share whatever / / is currently filling me with .

Émigré from another instance.

Time for another . This time it's a of a human-tiger centaur-like chimera that never made it into the game.

Enjoy the version of of one of the Rakshasas from the fantastical world of Haven. On Haven, these shape-shifting beings are cursed to never again return to their original forms. Most of the world thinks they've gone extinct.

Version 1.5 of Ten Thousand Worlds, a free, -licensed , has just been released.

Tighter; Smoother; Better looking.


This coming year will hopefully bring a mix of new titles, plus classic titles updated for version 1.5.

Happy New Year and Happy Gaming!

Potential #Spoilers for #Netflix's "The #Witcher" 

#Spoilers for #StarWars #EpisodeIX: "The Rise of #Skywalker" 

Rafm’s reptiliads send you season’s greetings as they bring home their tree on a war turtle. (Bob Murch illus for ad in Dragon magazine No 80, December 1983.)


I hope to make an announcement on 1 Jan 2020 about Ten Thousand Worlds, the game.

The nature of that announcement will depend on how much I can get done between now and the end of 2019.

For my latest , here's a pencil , outline, and full- of human farm woman.

She doesn't swing a sword nor cast spells, but she's the reason your fantasy heroes are going to have a hot meal when they get back to civilization after their latest dungeon crawl.

Potential #Spoilers for Season 3 of #Netflix's "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power" 

Enjoy a pencil of one of the Rakshasas from the fantastical world of Haven, shape-shifters cursed to never again return to their original forms.

An excerpt:

"...Even those depicted in the artworks of other species have all been replaced by blank spaces on canvases, gaps in bas-reliefs, and empty lines in songs. Just about everyone on Haven is certain the Rakshasas went extinct during the same magical catastrophe that gave rise to..."

Ready for another ? Here's a pencil , outline, and full- of Sophie. She's a woman from Berlin, who in her younger and much angrier youth, earned the name "Menace" —and she's in no hurry to correct anyone who calls her that.

Have a pencil , outline, and full- of a very rare being in the fantastical world of Haven: a ghost.

Only humans, who lost their connection to Mother Haven, and cannot become one with Her after death, can get trapped in this strange "un-dead" state.

Dealing with ghosts has taught some of Haven's strongest psychics how to create "ghost blades", and other constructs, from their own minds.

Enjoy another , a drawing which never made it into the original game, but which I might use in the next version.

Enjoy a pencil , outline, and full- illustration of one of the Wakyambi people from the fantastical world of Haven. He is swaddled in a treatment known as "new skin" as he attains a mental state which translates into "very beautiful intent/consciousness".

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