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Greetings, habitués of the Wandering Shop. As Mick Jagger likes to sing, "Please allow me to myself…"

I'm the / of a tabletop role-playing game () who enjoys posting the odd pencil , outline, or full- that eventually became for the game —plus a few that never made it in.

I also like to share whatever / / is currently filling me with .

Émigré from another instance.

German magazine c't 21/2022 is out now – Here's the illustration I made for the story "Erntezeit" by Volker Dornemann thats published in this issue.

#sf #illustration #art #spaceship #editorialillustration #bookillustration

Potential Spoilers for “The Woman King“ 

What I dug about the “The Woman King”:

Those battle scenes were wild! Especially one bit where rifle troops kneeled to reload their single-shooters while infantry used those guys’ backs as launch pads to strike from above. Someone should write an rule for that.

I covet Viola Davis’ spa & John Boyega’s blue-and-gold coats.

Oh yeah: The acting, story, scenery, etc… were great; So worth seeing.

Today I found out there’s a thing called #KaleidoSaturday in some circles and of course I had to come up with a quick contribution.

Spent a couple nights getting more of an intentionally sketchy look with the latest bedtime doodle.

Liane and Alexia from my webcomic, this illustration really came out lovely. Really proud of it.

Enjoy the evolution of a basic two-handed design, as a pencil , digital outline, and full illustration. Suitable for your next encounter with bad guys.

Just an hour and a half before my first Con as an exhibitor starts. Don't forget to checkout my booth at the Tucson Comic Con AA037

#tucsoncomiccon #myfirstcon #comics #indycomics #art

Turns out all those folks making freaky soundscapes with theremins for 1950’s movies and TV shows we’re that far off. 😉

Book cover done for L.A.Holloway "Viridios". It's really a great story I enjoyed reading before I started this commission. Took a lot of time because all of these details (and hand-painted bark texture too!), but it's certainly my personal favourite of 2022!
#art #MastoArt #books

You find amazing things when you fix up a century-old house like ours, which was built in the 2000's.
"Another memory card," my wife says. "We'll take it to the library."
"Do you think it's photos or banned books?"
"It was hidden, so probably banned books."
"Heroes lived here."
#SmallStories #MicroFiction #TootFic

For those sessions where you need some sort of gizmo to detect mutants, magic, ghosts, aliens, etc... I made the "Dorf Box", a device that detects just one thing very well. Don't ask how it works. Do pay attention to the screen that's indicating you're about to be surrounded by sentient psychic cephalopods from Dimension X.

magical elements of my fantasy world, kenah. there are six elements, each with two "aspects": presence and absence. these were hella fun to design!

#MastoArt #geometric

I suspect this little project may be of interest to the denizens in this corner of the

“Chokepoint : How Big Tech and Big Content Captured Markets and How We'll Win Them Back”, by Rebecca Giblin & Cory Doctorow

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