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Greetings, habitués of the Wandering Shop. As Mick Jagger likes to sing, "Please allow me to myself…"

I'm the / of a tabletop role-playing game () who enjoys posting the odd pencil , outline, or full- that eventually became for the game —plus a few that never made it in.

I also like to share whatever / / is currently filling me with .

Émigré from another instance.

I now refined this concept from one week ago.
I even enlarged the canvas to see the complete Dragon :).

I think it worked out pretty well, what do you think?

#art #mastoart #krita #dragon

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Enjoy a pencil of Jinx's complicated brother, Morris Jones, AKA Mojo. He's "master" to an extra-dimensional fiend trapped the body of one of his magic act's white bunnies.

From the title:

"Jones grew up learning there were some things one simply didn’t ask in the Midnight Cabaret, such as how a trick really worked, a performer’s home town, and what Uncle Ernie did on his nights off that sometimes brought him home with bloody knuckles…"

Enjoy the first title I've been able to release since November: "Welcome to the Human Race".

Here's an excerpt:

"Moreaux were originally humans that had been altered in the womb to express long-dormant traits from earlier eras in our evolutionary history. Later generations were spliced with animal DNA. Modern Moreaux are the product of deliberate breeding ... Since coming to space, some clans have introduced extremophile genes ..."

SomaFM is amazing. Commercial-free, listener-supported radio stations that are just a standard stream (any shoutcast client works, and they embed a web player on their page). They've been hosting DEF CON Radio for quite a while.

They're awesome, donation-based, and currently badly in need of funds. Like them? Please consider donating a bit. Never heard of them? Check it out, you'll probably find an interesting station or two.

Boosts appreciated!

Here's another pencil of Jinx, a stage magician who's found herself defending the Earth from all sorts of extra-dimensional badguys.

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Enjoy a pencil of my first attempt to redraw Jinny Ecks, AKA "Jinx". From the original title:

"To most of the world, the Midnight Cabaret is a traveling variety show blending the US Vaudeville tradition with an old-fashioned circus sideshow, its ancient acts given new life through stylish theatrics. That’s also what Jinny and her brother Morris grew up believing about their extended, chosen family of performers."

Just one #drawing today, a party of hypothetical player characters.

... and now for the full version of that bottle, the perfect temporary holding cell for all sorts of magical monsters.

Bottles like this one get a lot of use by Ms. Belle Conti, traveling musician and monster hunter.

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The Digital Transgender Archive - a large historical collection of photographs, newsletters, and news articles worldwide:

Enjoy a little pencil of a "Bocaux de Donjon", a specially-prepared stoppered bottle that's used as a temporary prison for magical monsters.

... and now, the full of Bell Conti, who roams the southern US for obscure music gigs that actually cover her hunt for the escaped monsters of New Orleans

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