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Greetings, habitués of the Wandering Shop. As Mick Jagger likes to sing, "Please allow me to myself…"

I'm the / of a tabletop role-playing game () who enjoys posting the odd pencil , outline, or full- that eventually became for the game —plus a few that never made it in.

I also like to share whatever / / is currently filling me with .

Émigré from another instance.

Enjoy the full version of Lucian Dark, aka Chiaroscuro, in mid transformation from Chicago art dealer to alien mage.

Do I know anyone in Austin/central Texas with a laser cutter or even a table saw? Val needs to get 25 clipboards cut down so they fit into voter registration supply boxes for the League of Women Voters.

... and now, enjoy the full of Helena Saint-Exupéry, a Mage War veteran known as Hex, brandishing her fearsome Night Blade and White Blade.

She and her unit were stranded on Earth after helping to cover the escape route of a group of refugees, who were crossing this dimension on their way out of the war-torn magical realm of Susur.

She's now trying to start a new life on Earth, but her enemies haven't yet forgotten her.

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also here's a gif of pedro pascal fawning over a moving grogu toy

Enjoy my attempt to out a warrior using a two-handed sword fighting technique. This one didn't quite work for me.

February 17 is the release of “The Access Guide to the Community, 2020-2021”, with a forward by Ariel Johnson of the “Black ”. This book profiles Black characters, , creators, publishers, collectives, and comic shops.

Enjoy the pencil , outline, and full of a shirt of scale mail. Functional enough to offer real protection, but colorful enough for ceremonial use. And who knows? It might even carry an enchantment or two...

La table périodique des éléments la plus connue a été créée par Mendeleïev en 1869, mais d'autres "tables" ont été créées depuis. Elles permettent de rendre compte de certaines similitudes entre éléments qu'il n'est pas possible de rendre avec la table habituelle. Souvent cela est fait en abandonnant la structure "rigide" d'un tableau et je trouve ça joli.

Ci-dessous la table périodique des éléments de Hyde (1975) et celle de Benfey (1964)

I’m starting to hope that humanity may be turning the corner.

Gandalf / Magneto just got his first dose of the -19 vaccine.

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So, I finished the third season of The Leviathan Chronicles. The grand finale was everything I wanted out of a action --and then some.

Now I've discovered that they're running a to make more stories set in this world. Yes please. I pitched in as a present to myself.

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