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Greetings, habitués of the Wandering Shop. As Mick Jagger likes to sing, "Please allow me to myself…"

I'm the / of a tabletop role-playing game () who enjoys posting the odd pencil , outline, or full- that eventually became for the game —plus a few that never made it in.

I also like to share whatever / / is currently filling me with .

Émigré from another instance.

Here's the outline of underwater researcher Doctor Fathom in her custom diving suit.

Oh, the creatures she meets when she goes for a swim.

Enjoy this pencil , outline, & of a Sidhe (AKA ) from the world of Haven.

Despite being functionally immortal, natural disasters, wars, or everyday accidents eventually claim their most of their lives. A rare few find the skills & strength to endure while empires rise & fall, mountains grind down, islands sink, & whole species die out. To survive the ages, each one had to become an extremely dangerous being.

I think I'm down to just a dozen or less throwbacks, illustrations that went up in a cloud of electrons when I switched instances.

Enjoy another one: the pencil , outline, and full of Myriad, a colony organism consisting of thousands of prehistoric bio-luminescent microbes swimming in a viscous organic liquid, dominated by the consciousness of the late Chiawuotu Adanma Metu.

Enjoy a pencil of Dr. Marisol Paz, AKA Doctor Fathom, an underwater researcher specializing in applied bio-mimicry who developed her own custom deep-sea diving suit.

I've finished another title, an updated release of "Chiaroscuro" that works with the new version of the game. Here's an excerpt:

"Lucian Dark can usually pass as fully Human, even though he’s really a hybrid of Human and one of the native lifeforms from the extra-dimensional realm of Susur. In medieval terms, Chiaroscuro is the progeny of an incubus and a witch."


time: Enjoy the pencil , outline, and full of Lyra Sonare Concordia, a from the magical world of Haven who specializes in spells which aid in hand-to-hand combat. If she gets even a moment to prepare before a fight, she starts casting her best spells on herself. Lyra's battle staves double as wands, and her Rakshasa heritage grants this mage the ability to shape-shift into different animals.

Enjoy the outline and full of natural philosopher Marius Thane, the less than perfect "man who talks to dragons" who nonetheless ends up doing the right things to protect the magical world of Haven. He's made appearances in a few titles, including —

Time Enough

— and —

Wild Things

time: Here's a pencil , outline, and full of Spinneret, a human/spider Chimera from the magical world of Haven.

She spent decades building magnificent tree-top villas in different forests, eating up nearby pests and annoying neighbors, stocking up her pantries, and “recruiting” servants.

Now she’s in the process of filling her homes with the most beautiful and interesting objects and creatures that the world has to offer.

Remember that gun-slinging (AKA )? I forgot to share the pencil that I did end up keeping.

After, it's been months... I finally finished updating a title, "Hex". It's compatible with the latest version of the game. Here's an excerpt:

"Saint-Exupéry fought as a combat mage during the most recent civil war in the magical realm of Susur —on the losing side. ... the broken remains of The Saints fought off their pursuers long enough to let the rest of the refugees escape for parts unknown, leaving Helena and her unit stranded on Earth."


I stopped playing D&D back when it was owned by “for reasons” but I still check back on them from time to time, and this news is good to hear:

I suspect that they could make a massive improvement to the game just by switching from using “races” to using fantastic sentient species.

Enjoy an outline of a (AKA ), member of a refugee species who came to the world of Haven after the First War of the Falling Stars. They are the planet's top predators and sometimes quite literally a force of nature. Each one is unique in appearance and powers: one was observed "surfing a hurricane", another raised a sandstorm, and a third shattered a mountain with its cries.

It's time. Here's yet another pencil , outline, and full drawing of a (AKA ) from the magical world of Haven. This one rides a personal war machine and hefts a rifle. Lutins were the first to discover gunpowder, and are the only species on Haven who have really exploited it.

I haven't been able to draw because reasons, so time for another : a , outline, and full of a well-dressed (AKA ).

Pockets are the main reason a Lutin might wear clothes, though some choose outfits for the entertaining swishing and jingling sounds they can make.

FYI, Lutins have no concept of beauty or ugliness, and they don’t understand how to discriminate against someone else based on how that person looks.

Time for another :

Caprion is a Human/heron/ram/bat who travels extensively throughout the White Waste and beyond, collecting medical knowledge on his own kind. were a side effect of the worst magical catastrophe on the world of Haven. Each one is unique in appearance and abilities.

Here's the a , outline, and full of Caprion.

from the magical world of Antipode are born live, by the hundreds, shooting out like bullets in their tiny Tocatl forms from the dying body of a giant Huēyimichin form.

Each Tocatl generates a golden filament from the end of its abdomen, which carries it away on the breeze, to spend childhood floating upside down, kilometers above the ground.

Here's a , outline, and full of both forms.

Tzitzimitl are native to Antipode, the broken and ecologically devastated cousin to the magical world of Haven. These "bad guys" wear different forms at each stage of their lives. Their skeletal Miquiztetl form bears a fleeting resemblance to legendary Tzitzimitl from Earth's Mexico, and a few Mezo-American death gods.

Here's a , outline, and full of one of the Miquiztetl, wearing floating ornaments.

Enjoy another , this time of a gun-slinging () from the magical world of Haven. Their species was the first to figure out gunpowder weapons. They also developed "shadow foam", a non-magnetic, blue-black material with a texture akin to soap bubbles, which they mold into everything from armor to jewelry.

I've included an early, rejected , a later outline, and the full that made it into the game.

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