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Time for a post since there are a bunch of new people!

I'm an at Wirecutter, though I'm going to try and not talk about work here because being in in 2018 is mostly existential horror and gnashing of teeth.

Hobby dilettante. Leatherwork and printmaking rn.

hmup to talk comics that make you feel; video games that are short, and cinematic or emotional; and tea and food.

Mostly tea and feelings, if I'm being honest. Well, that and my cat.

Shoutout to my brain for ruining my whole evening after the most minor of setbacks. Great job!

One of the sure signs that we're in a garbage version of a cyberpunk reality is how much current trends rely on just slapping some japanese on it and calling it a day

There's no greater betrayal than finding out you needed butter to be "soft but not melted" just as you pull it out of the fridge to start baking cookies

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Wise words on technology creep from a former coworker:

"But again, be forewarned. We were told this same thing with the advent of word processors, and in the end, we didn’t go home early because we got our work done. Instead we output more letters."

Someone please figure out how to bottle the brief and wondrous feeling of lightness and freedom you get after a haircut.

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Followup: I would consider moving instances, but Mastodon still kinda sucks if you want to migrate so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The fact that I'm so old that I don't quite understand the use case of having accounts on multiple instances also proves that I'm so old I should have an account

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I'm excited for this but also for him to do all of this very fast

Really excited for the super realistic Sonic the Hedgehog, so we can see his natural diet of stealing eggs from birds nests and eating insects

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I need to set aside a few hours, put on a podcast, and unsubscribe from hundreds of shitty promo emails that flood my inboxes

Happy Monday friends, good luck on your attempts to overthrow the system this week!

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Oh hey, for y'all folks who, like me, can't do black tea but really miss chai, Harney & Sons makes a version with green tea, called Chai Hara. It's got a great flavor, though be warned that it's very finely ground.

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