I've only just gotten around to reading this book after knowing the author for a couple years, and I wish I hadn't waited. A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend by Emily Horner is a YA novel that explores grief, transformation, and sexuality. The prose is snappy and insightful, the characters so believably trapped in the teenage process of navigating change. It's also gay, antiauthoritarian, and low key about relationship anarchy.

The book might be hard to find, but read it if you can!

Listening to the baby downstairs cry makes me grateful for my iud-induced mood imbalances sometimes. shit.

*thinks about capitalism*

*hides under blanket in fetal position*

More like everyWHERE bagel, because that's where the crumbs are now. EVERYWHERE.

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the idea that you can stop working and travel and engage in hobbies and stuff is a good-ish kind of dream but it's very much a limited I-got-mine dream and doesn't fit with the majority of human history.

... a better dream would be for all of us not to have to wait until we're nearly 70 (if we live that long) and if we've had a job that paid much more than average and we had a retirement plan and we didn't have life catastrophes, etc. etc. etc.

... what if we could all travel and engage in hobbies and also work but in life-affirming ways and didn't have to wait for a mixture of privilege/luck/exploitation and living long enough to make that happen.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted these on Instagram from her trip to Puerto Rico. It’s tragic that Puerto Rican’s have basically been abandoned by the US government but It sounds like there are so many #solarpunk things going on there, a lot to learn from definitely

Throw back to when I confiscated the police department on the Sims and turned it into a community center run by old vampire lesbian wives

My kid: What if "tired" was a gender?

There's a guest whose hair, glasses, and outfit are exactly Barb from Stranger Things but she's in her 50s, so now I know what it would be like if Barb had survived and moved to Germany

I did not get a degree in. communications to explain pronouns to people.

"Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance. Justice is letting someone else throw the party." — Powerful words by Tatiana Mac, great talk about privilege & inclusion by design.


it’s finally here! SPRING WITCH is a 16 page zine with illustrations and witchy information on the season ✨🌱✨

i’m soooo excited to share this with everyone, and i hope you enjoy it :blobcatmmm:

(the zine is free/pay what you want, and any proceeds will go toward my pronoun pin! 🖤)

boosts = :blobcatlove:


me: where's your poem?
student: people don't want to write poems sometimes
me: this is creative writing
student: *shrugs*

Today I learned: There is a gender-neutral equivalent to niece and nephew. "Nibling." And it dates back to well before I was born, too! Bonus!

Tell all your enbuddies. I'm sure they'll get a kick out of it. I know I did.


@guerrillarain also if you know you explode very easily then make plans so yr explosions don’t hurt others.

Say ‘I need to leave the room for a sec’ if possible.

Or ‘I am in a very bad mood and I’d rather not talk right now as I don’t wanna inflict it on you’

Sometimes you can’t avoid exploding, but imo, you can work to reduce its impact on others.

Daylight savings should be optional dammit I needed that hour

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