When you're so fucked you have to start journaling again 😒

I'm teaching an online writing course for The Loft next month, but right now enrollment is low and the class is in danger of getting canceled. Please share this with anyone who might be interested! I'm really looking forward to this class.

The subject is weird fiction, fabulism, and magical realism as emotional truth-telling powerhouses. We'll read some of my very favorite fiction and start writing our own 😊


broke: getting strong to be healthy

woke: getting strong to lift girls

bespoke: getting strong to intimidate nazis

baroque: getting strong to film a threatening antifa themed pole dancing routine

Reminder that we don't have a housing crisis in the US (not even in California) nearly so much as we have a landlord crisis.

mh personal update after long absence 

Mutual aid; climate disaster 

I've only just gotten around to reading this book after knowing the author for a couple years, and I wish I hadn't waited. A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend by Emily Horner is a YA novel that explores grief, transformation, and sexuality. The prose is snappy and insightful, the characters so believably trapped in the teenage process of navigating change. It's also gay, antiauthoritarian, and low key about relationship anarchy.

The book might be hard to find, but read it if you can!

Listening to the baby downstairs cry makes me grateful for my iud-induced mood imbalances sometimes. shit.

*thinks about capitalism*

*hides under blanket in fetal position*

More like everyWHERE bagel, because that's where the crumbs are now. EVERYWHERE.

Uh existential mh neutral 

the idea that you can stop working and travel and engage in hobbies and stuff is a good-ish kind of dream but it's very much a limited I-got-mine dream and doesn't fit with the majority of human history.

... a better dream would be for all of us not to have to wait until we're nearly 70 (if we live that long) and if we've had a job that paid much more than average and we had a retirement plan and we didn't have life catastrophes, etc. etc. etc.

... what if we could all travel and engage in hobbies and also work but in life-affirming ways and didn't have to wait for a mixture of privilege/luck/exploitation and living long enough to make that happen.


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