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I feel like my old intro from August is stale, so I'm hopping on the bandwagon.

Hi friends! I'm Ari, Arini, Arinelle, or Sue. Whichever is your preference is fine with me. I nerd out about writing, history, gaming, sci-fi, and most of all, baseball.

I'm a historian and writer by trade, but chronic health problems have sidelined me for a while. I'm sometimes depressed, frequently anxious, but always trying to do my best.

I don't think I'm very exciting, but I hope you're nice.

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Making some really good writing breakthroughs tonight. I couldn't do this without someone more skilled than I to help me move stories forward.

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"Ocean Man" has been stuck in my head all day. Thoughts and prayers appreciated.

Tonight, I'm grateful for rest. For being able to push my physical activity to new heights even though my motivation is so low. For having a week to look forward to with nothing to dread.

I smell like smoke just from walking in downtown for 30 minutes.

Tonight, I'm grateful for another writing breakthrough. For having more optimism about my stories. For learning new things.

Tonight, I'm grateful that I was able to help a friend get out of a crisis situation. For the pleasant weather while walking today. For making new friends, and reconnecting with old ones.

Tonight, I'm grateful for progress on my new projects. For tonight's calming rain. For pleasant coincidences.

Tonight, I'm grateful for a day of calm. For witnessing others' unrestrained and contagious joy.

Tonight, I'm grateful for my warm bed. For unexpected progress towards my new and exciting projects. For another insightful, enriching night at my church class.

Tonight, I'm grateful for the wonders of the universe. For being able to watch funny videos with a friend. For a day that was relaxing and enriching.

Tonight, I'm grateful for all the things that keep me occupied when the weather is nasty. For being able to rekindle gaming memories from twenty years ago. For the hope of a quieter week ahead.

Tonight, I'm grateful for a day of peace despite my anxieties. For meeting new people again. For all the ways that technology helps me get through difficult times.

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