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I feel like my old intro from August is stale, so I'm hopping on the bandwagon.

Hi friends! I'm Ari, Arini, Arinelle, or Sue. Whichever is your preference is fine with me. I nerd out about writing, history, gaming, sci-fi, and most of all, baseball.

I'm a historian and writer by trade, but chronic health problems have sidelined me for a while. I'm sometimes depressed, frequently anxious, but always trying to do my best.

I don't think I'm very exciting, but I hope you're nice.

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Hi everyone--we've had a big influx of spammers and trolls lately, so far all on other servers. Please report them when you see them, and make liberal use of the block button.

This current wave is pretty obvious trolling with blatantly racist content. I encourage folks to report the account and not respond. We will suspend these assholes as the reports come in.

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Ooh, I picked a good day to dust off Animal Crossing. Today is the sixth anniversary of its North America release, and thus the sixth anniversary of the day I bought it!

Still healing up. On the couch, playing Animal Crossing, and listening to the baseball game. Pretty nice.

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The ideal conditions for Animal Crossing: New Leaf are:

1) it's late in the evening.
2) it's raining in-game.
3) it's raining IRL.

So relaxing and peaceful. ❤

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Please stay safe, Oklahoma friends and others facing the threat of severe weather today. These definitely aren't storms to trifle with.

The current tornado watch for Oklahoma and parts of Texas has >95% probability of significant severe weather in all categories, which is extremely rare.

Baseball on the radio. Am switching to 1920s-30s music during commercial breaks. It's like ye olden days.

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I had a really good late night phone conversation with one of my friends I've made in my monastic adventures. We spoke of ministry, science fiction, baseball, and earthquakes.

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