[sound of shuffling papers is heard over the intercom around the Void. A voice booms out, echoing around the walls]

Attention all. Thank you for your patience while we installed the intercom, screaming less is better for all our voices. Now, the announcements for the day...
In less than a week, the global Story Seed Vault will be re-opened to writers!


Once again, we're putting out the call for diverse sci-fi writers that are:
- Disabled
- First Nations
- Marginalised sexes, genders, & identities
- Neurodivergent
- Scientists (research & comms)

New or established, we want your micro-scifi based on real science! Want to know more? We've written some thorough submission guidelines for this year, so go take a look! storyseedvault.com/submissions/

I am a Deaf, Eritrean-American first-generation immigrant, and I have a couple of stories right up that alley.

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