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We're putting out the call for diverse sci-fi writers that are:
- Disabled
- First Nations
- Marginalised sexes, genders, & identities
- Neurodivergent
- Scientists (research & comms)
New or established, we want your micro-scifi! Remember to read our new guidelines. The shorter the fiction, the better we pay!

[109] Retiring Faux-Meat Competitive Eater Checks Into A Diet Facility. Surgeons penetrate her skull, implant an electrode into her basal forebrain and press the trigger. ~Zz!~ Her cravings switch off.

//In the first serial story published by the Vault, D. A. Xiaolin Spires serves us up a second helping of competitive eater Yamamoto. Spires surrenders her character to another stage for observation by a crowd – a diet facility. Are cravings now pathologised?

[108] Flecks fly from Yamamoto’s lips. She soaks another lab-grown burger in water, swallows it whole. The crowd cheers, waving flags featuring animations of stem cell extraction.

//As lab-grown meat grows in popularity, the public begins to turn its attention from the scientists who created it to where it will be sold. Contemplating this, D. A. Xiaolin Spires creates a new competitive eating contest.

In the beginning, they went to war. Now arbitrium came through to the descendants with instructions to settle; to make a new home and wait.

//This story tied for 1st place in our 48 HOUR FLASH FICTION CONTEST. Bacteriophages (or ‘phages’) are viruses that replicate inside bacterium. In 2017, researchers discovered that the original phage and their progeny communicate using the arbitrium system.

[106 | 1ST PLACE]
Fly away with your tiny wings, my Charon. No monkey-business for me anymore. Flee, for pain is yellow, and death is human.

//This story tied for 1st place in our 48 HOUR FLASH FICTION CONTEST. There’s an outbreak of yellow fever in southeastern Brazil, and people are clubbing infected monkeys to death, mistaking the victims for the vectors—the mosquitoes.

[105|2nd Place] "Didn’t think I’d see you here again. Relapse?” The bartender at the Virulent Virus raised an eyebrow. “The usual?”
I grunted.
He slid over a Flutini.

//We typically associate viruses with death, disease and malware. Researchers have discovered that genetically-modified flu viruses may be able to cure cancer. Could staving off this disease could be as simple as downing an influenza-infused martini in the future?

[104|3rd Place] The DNA sequence on his dating holo stops her. Oh, yes, she needs some of that. She’ll use a new tube of viral lipstick for this heist.

//Researchers at Capital Medical University in China have recently come one step closer to genetically engineering a DNA vaccine for dengue fever. Yet, researchers aren’t the only ones capable of genetically engineering DNA – viruses have been found to do this themselves.

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This time around, we have an astonishing result - a tie for first place!

*First Place*
"Death is Yellow" by Rodrigo Assis Mesquita
"Arbitrium" by Alex Robinson

*Second Place*
"Relapse" by Bijou Lin

Third Place
"The Heist" by Megan Hippler

Congratulations to all our winners! The winning stories will be published next Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday on Facebook, Twitter, and our website

We can now announce the results of our 48 HOUR VIROLOGY FLASH FICTION CONTEST!! I'm thrilled to reveal that once again we got enough submissions for this competition to be worthwhile.

Thank you to all those who submitted and to our amazing judges, Dr. Ben Johnson, Head of Communities & Engagement at Springer Nature and Dr. Bish Marzook, virologist, comedian, and writer. Ben and Bish kindly volunteered their services and as thanks, we are donating their combined $40AUD fee to Virology Comics.

If your local sporting team has made it to some sort of Grand Final event... consider getting your immunisations up to date.

[103] Chess, Go, and finally Poker were conquered by AIs. But it was Rock-Paper-Scissors that forced them to watch and learn how to understand humans.

//Another wonderful story for @tinystoryseeds by @MicroSFF! Able to analyse and predict human behaviour, a computer can eventually beat you at Rock-Paper-Scissors. But what does ‘understand‘ mean? And is understanding humanity really the most important goal of AI?

There are a whole lot of alarming indications that Elon Musk is trying to become Cave Johnson.

[101] Swaths of radiation-loving fungi and roiling sun-side seas: the probe shots from tide-locked Proxima B changed Earth’s view of the Universe forever.

//This story is based on the encouraging results of climate models of Proxima B, which indicate that the second planet around the “star next door” to ours could well be habitable. Would it be that surprising to find complex lifeforms there?

[100] One bloody thumb to the imp’s contract and like was erased from her speech. Her boss promoted her. Her friends heard each absence as a pain.

//Even though prescriptivists love to make fun of it in women, “like” is correlated with youth, and it plays an important role in cognition and discourse. What are the implications of telling people to prune language that they use to demonstrate who they are?

11 MORE HOURS UNTIL THE SYMPTOMS DISAPPEAR! Our 48 HR Flash Fiction contest is almost over... have you sent in your entry yet?

Remember to follow us on Twitter @tinystoryseeds for live reminders - I haven't figured out scheduled posts on here yet!

We’ve created this logbook so you have a place to write your stories. Use it for planning, idea notes, research log, or even for writing out your notes for a RPG campaign! What you make of it is up to you.

All proceeds from the Story Seed Vault Logbook will be put towards the running costs of the site and paying our writers.

Our 99th story seed @tinystoryseeds by @spireswriter was inspired by research into the effects of music into biological organisms. D. A. Xiaolin Spires plucks a familiar chord and composes a new method for delivering musical therapy – mechatronics.

One week until our writers start showing symptoms of Flash Fiction Flu! Symptoms include frantic researching, obsessively counting words, and hallucinating fantasy worlds. The Top 3 stories will be awarded $10AUD! See the link for more details.