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Repeating my toot as it got lost when I migrated instances.

I'm a PhD student working on 20th century philosophy (mostly Phenomenology and Philosophical Anthropology). I am obsessed with science-fiction and fantasy literature (both classic and current), so I wanna use this account mostly to talk about the books I read and see what everyone else is reading.

There was a weird moment where I had to tell someone "Sorry I can't hang today, I want to keep reading this fascinating book on Dilthey's philosophy of history" and they just looked at me like I was talking complete gibberish.

Let's just say that I may be into the most boring philosophy ever right now and I srsly don't know how I got here.

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Today I read several super helpful papers on Dilthey's anthropology.

I also made it beyond Kant's chapter on phaenomena and noumena in the Critique of Pure Reason and to his criticism of Leibniz' Monadology. I have never ventured this far. So exciting.

I'm in a zoom conference and one participant has a really bad cold - and yet he doesn't mute himself. How does this still happen to anyone after 2+ years of home office? Like, am I the only one who lives in constant fear of accidentally unmutig myself? He just sneezed and someone said "Bless you" and he just thanked them and STILL DOESN'T MUTE HIMSELF. I'm in awe.

Lastly that show wildly overestimates how much I care about the adults in that small town and the worst writing reliably centers their parenting failures or toxic behavior. For the love of God, I watch this to see a bunch of kids solve supernatural mysteries and frankly so does everybody else. It's like reading Animorphs but every other book is from the point of view of a parent wondering why their kid isn't around more.

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I am forever suspicious of nostalgia narratives that cater specifically to white hetcis men. Yes, being a kid with a group of close friends would have been awesome, but I'm not really included in that setting, because the show does not feature any real relationships between girls or women. People hype the show's amazing young actresses for a reason, but the script gives them nothing to work with till Season 4.

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While I was sick last week I couldn't read at all, so I binged the Netflix Series Stranger Things and as I have many thoughts and some feelings about it, here they are:

Half of it is an endearing love letter to 80s horror tropes and has some brilliant moments thanks to its amazing cast. The other half is a hot mess that's terribly structured and makes you wonder if the writers have ever actually talked to a woman.

Good morning, dear people of Mastodon. I spent the weekend with my partner's family, which is always nice but also terribly exhausting. I wish you all the best for the new week. May it be filled with joy and midsummer flowers.

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"Pandemics disable people — the history lesson that policymakers ignore"

"Influenza, polio and more have shown that infections can change lives even decades later. Why the complacency over possible long-term effects of #COVID-19?"

"From the beginning of this pandemic, people with disabilities understood that the disease would target them and would swell their ranks."

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Long Covid, discussion of poverty 

So people can just fuck off with their "Money can't buy happiness" bullshit. Almost every single joyous moment I've experienced this year has been bought. With money. Sorry but that's just how it is.

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Long Covid, discussion of poverty 

Most things that helped me during the last 6 months would not be available to someone in a less fortunate position. My partner has a car so I was able to get where I needed to go. During several really bad weeks I basically ordered takeaway every day because I was too exhausted to cook. I bought around 30 books during that time. I have a steady income and was able to work from home. If it's still *this* bad, how bad must it be for people beneath the poverty line?

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Long Covid, discussion of poverty 

In case anyone still thinks income and mental health aren't related: I found that I can drastically improve my mental stability by getting coffe and breakfast on my way to work. So, if I pay 40-50 bucks each week, I improve my chances of getting through the day without Long Covid relapses. Luckily, I can afford this (though it does hurt a little). Many people can't.

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I love how some people in my timelines are just about to get up when I log on to say good night. Feels like passing the torch of both existential dread and defiant joy to someone who'll keep on carrying it while I get some rest. So if your day has just started, enjoy the flame. If, like me, you're getting ready for bed, rest well. May you be weak, may you sleep and dream of sheep.

I somehow made it through the day so there's still some energy left to learn about subjectivity in Neo-Kantianism.

Remembering a perfect walk I took a few weeks ago. Every leaf has a silver lining.

Good morning everyone. Wild plans today: Get up, make my bed, brush my teeth, moisturize, get dressed, visit a corona test station, get coffee on my way to work, then pretend to be an active caring participant of our colloquium, listen to a presentation, gather some books and spend the rest of the day reading.

It's not much, but it feels overwhelming and even thinking about it makes me feel dizzy.

Have a wonderful day, dear people of the fediverse.


Going back to work made me relapse after three days, so I spent the last weekend in bed and can feel myself sliding slowly towards my first summer depression. Ironically this coincides with me taking a break from reading. I thought it might be good for me but it turns out compulsive reading is the one thing standing between me and severe depression, actually.

I bough P. Djèlí Clark's The Haunting of Tram Car 015 because I thought it leads up to A Master of Djinn. Turns out it doesn't and I could have just read the short story on (which I adored, btw, it has amazing worldbuilding) and moved on to the novel. Then again the novella has been on my list for a while, so I might as well read it now.

Final thoughts on Andy Weir's Project Hail Mary 

That said, it's still a decent book. I see why people enjoy it so much. As soon as it centers science and engineering it gets really good. So don't let my nitpicking ruin your fun.

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