Grateful! That I got more done than I actually thought I would of my Friday night goals (which I knew were unrealistic). That this means my unrealistic Saturday goals (and next week goals) are now slightly less unrealistic. (If I have to adult, a little success makes it suck less. Which rhymes, so you know it's true 😉)

Grateful! For friends who trust our relationship enough to put their health before fun plans. For purple.

Grateful! For clear guidelines. For every step towards forming a new, desired habit. For crisps.

Grateful! For times I set myself up for success. For the return of toasty winter slippers. My toes might not be miserable the next 4 or so months. Lovely!

Grateful! For photos that were just weirdly filed, not lost. For clearly labelled ingredients.

Grateful! For cloves (the spice, not the smoke, though they even make the smoke smell better 😉 ). For times I can get the low-down from people I trust rather than just trusting strangers' reviews online.

Grateful! For generous parking validation policies. For people who care enough to speak truth even when it's not what I want it to be, and who know how to do so in a way that is both clear and kind.

Grateful! For a conversation I was anxious about that went quite well. For tall socks, especially if they have a cool (to me) design.

Grateful! For a parcel of chocolates, sweet condolences that went briefly astray but found their way to me on a night I needed them (and for the sort of friend who sends that sort of parcel). For online maps with street view. So handy for so many things.

Grateful! For helpful former neighbours. (Kindness is magical, whether giving or receiving.) For things that are supposed to look a bit messy. Sometimes that helps my perfectionism shut up...

Grateful! For easy (and free!) parking. I swear my constant struggle is "parking anxiety vs spending extra time that I don't have" (if I take public transportation). For the unexpected chance to easily get my flu jab sorted.

Grateful! For people wiling to mentor me (and handing out solid advice). For a lot of good examples to follow, even if they're not mentoring me on purpose 😉

Grateful! For how easy phone cameras make it to capture visual (and audio if you want) reminders of those you love. For the rare Sunday I don't have to leave the flat.

Grateful! For proof that our unique capabilities and interests really can be used to do good for others. For the patience and passion of the person who's doing that for me. For getting to see the face of someone I love ❤️

Grateful! For good guesses. For memories of who I have been that are more positive than I expected.

Grateful! For accidentally managing to inch forward on a big damage control project. For wisdom from my sisters and for knowing I can count on them to keep it real.

Grateful! For parchment paper (the baking kind, not some fancy writing kind...though I could get behind that as well). For plans made enough in advance that my brain has time to bubble up improvements before execution. Bubble bubble, save me toil and trouble, brain...

Grateful! For recipes to make one's own seasoning mixes. I prefer to encounter mysteries in books, not food. For recipes to make smaller portions of baked goods. With cooking, one can just do the maths. With baking, there's enough art to it that success feels less sure.

Grateful! For speakerphone, easy recording software, and the example of many fine women and girls who persisted (with a shout-out to women in Senate hearings who demonstrate how one calmly presses for answers from someone trying to equivocate). For burgers.

Grateful! For quick chats with chosen family, who remind me every.single.time. what peerless treasures they are. For not having to guess about food safety guidelines. (Thanks, internet!)

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