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Grateful! For paper trails (digital ones included) to make sure I don't get undeserved blame. For cosmetic glitter in bulk.

Grateful! For an apt gardening metaphor and wise counsel from a friend (even if I had to sleep on it before I was sure it was the right advice for me). For easy-to-scoop sorbet.

Grateful! For shy cats who realise I am one of their people. For some quality moments with some of my closest friends today. (You lot remind me to keep my standards high and to treat myself right ❤️)

Grateful! For times people's masks slip and I'm reminded to be cautious before anything dire happens. For the satisfaction of a tidy home.

Grateful! For sometimes managing to pretend to be an adult when I need to. For chronologically being an adult so I can also be grateful for dinner of ice cream and oven chips 😏

Grateful! For times I can set a time limit on an effort, rather than having to just push through to the end no matter how long it takes. And for the times I can make myself honour "time limit" as the end, because I have a hard time not just pushing through...Heh!

Grateful! That I underestimated how many options one of my ideas (one I really hoped would pan out) would offer. That temperatures are supposed to head back down for a bit.

Grateful! For opportunities to teach (it has to be the right situation, but when it's right...). For opportunities to learn (especially if it's not "learning the hard way" or "learning by failing" kind of learning).

Grateful! For glitter to distract from a multitude of imperfections. That I never have to be a teenager again.

Grateful! For news about a beloved teacher that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be when I saw the envelope. For unexpectedly healthy kittens at TinyKittens (congrats!)

Grateful! That there are some bright lights in the history of autism (so my reading isn't 100% anger). For a bath bomb that was potent enough to spread across 3 baths.

Grateful! For times the bad things are at least well-timed. For times my stubbornness prevails. For people who find time to match my time.

Grateful! That my ego has figured out some wise places not to invest itself. For tasks that take less time than estimated. That it's not yet too warm out for me to enjoy the cat napping on me.

Grateful! For data collected in non-objectionable ways that I can use to make informed choices for the greater good, or at least my own sanity. For being raised to understand that the way we use a tool matters.

Grateful! For water crackers. For at least having information to share when I can't take real action to fix friends' troubles.

Grateful! For how much can be accomplished with free software, and for the people who opt for generosity over greed and make their software free.

Grateful! For things that are simpler than they seem. For cinnamon, cardamom, and other spices I love in desserts that also do magical things in savoury dishes. (And for how lucky we are that it's so easy to get this stuff.)

Grateful! For comparisons that are helpful (rather than just thieves of joy). For electric lights at night. Fire is lovely, but needs tending...and I'd also probably eventually burn the house down 😛

Grateful! For my neti pot. It's always a helper, but especially so when staring down seasonal allergies. For access to water that's so clean I can safely use it in said neti pot.

Grateful! For great company, tasty food, and good poetry. For melted cheese in particular. For a new game that will help my gratitude for "common" things.