Grateful! For a love of reading. For reading comprehension skills that aren't too shabby. For mac 'n' cheese.

Grateful! For times I know when to exit a conversation. For times I don't take it personally when someone doesn't appreciate what I have to offer. That I appreciate myself enough to be able to do that ❤️

Grateful! For friends who are more plugged in than I am and can send up warning flares when necessary. For realising that some bad timing had a bit of good to it, which let me be less upset.

Grateful! For other people having different passions and interests. For all the internet articles and tutorials I needed just once, that spared me hours of researching something I wasn't passionate about cos someone else was really into that topic.

Grateful! For times I can see what messed up my schedule...and it's a thing I should actually be able to prevent. Just keep trying, because our trying (our actual best effort made with real intent) does count for something.

Grateful! For first drafts I don't hate after their breathing period ❤️ (Like many writers and some other artists, after I finish a first draft of a song/book/video/etc, I set it aside to let it breathe aka let me get some distance. And distance doesn't always make the heart grow fonder...😉 )

Grateful! For the things that let me breathe. That someone taught me sometimes "doing nothing" is really just "being still," and that someone else taught me still times that let the mind wander are essential and fertile times for those who create.

Grateful! That, for my writing, it is legitimately research and/or idea development to read and watch a variety of things I'd enjoy consuming anyway. That this is sometimes true for the music side of things as well.

Grateful! For becoming more able to articulate why certain situations and scenarios aren't actually okay. For times I don't have to be the messenger for someone else's bad news.

Grateful! For the times it's useful that people don't realise that my "very soft and calm" voice is really my "absolutely livid" voice. For the actual calm that can come with self-compassion.

Grateful! For at least one success in all my healthcare calls today. For a friend who understands to commiserate with about the failures. (Though I'd happily give that up if it meant she was having more healthcare successes, just FYI...)

Grateful! For the ability to laugh even when things are rough. For homemade gelatin treats (and remembering that plenty of foods were make-able before there were box versions).

Grateful! For repeatable successes, however small. For being reminded that it's bloody DST starting before I wake up tomorrow wondering why I feel extra horrible.

Grateful! For more diversity and representation in media. Not enough (yet), but I like to acknowledge progress ❤️. For all the women who persist and who persisted.

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Dear kids in Washington State: you can make an appointment with your doctor, or walk into a clinic or ER, and get vaccinated. You don't need permission from your parents. You don't have to wait until you are 18. If the health care provider gets confused, the magic phrase is "Mature Minor Doctrine", and point out that not wanting to catch measles is sign of sufficient maturity.

Please reshare, and copypaste this any place this would be useful.

Grateful! For the 1/4 of my waking hours that I was on schedule and on plan. Those are the hours I deal with best.

Grateful! For friends who are braver than me. For mango flavour with none of the fibre (you know, cos I'm not allowed...).

Grateful! For warm socks. For ideas about how to achieve what I think I want my dream home to be like. (Now I just need solid ideas for getting the home to transform...heh!) For definitely figuring out which program was heating up my computer.

Grateful! For sympathy. For the fluffy grey cat and his human servants that I've chatted with during all 3 fire alarms. For a home to evacuate (and to return to once the alarms are stilled).

Grateful! That today's fire alarm had no fire. That it happened when it wasn't miserable outside. That the kitty forgave me quickly for how I had to shove him unceremoniously into a carrier. That my "what would I do if there was a fire" pondering over the years has been useful.

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