Grateful! That what my brain is pretty sure would be the perfect tool for multiple creative endeavours is a real thing (or made of real things). Usually, it's stuff where, before I get to "I don't have money/space," I have to get past "that doesn't exist."

Grateful! For hearing about delightful things that remind people of me. For stubborn hope that isn't baseless.

Grateful! For avoiding food waste. For precise directions helping me get tricky things right the first time.

Grateful! For blasts from the past. For days I manage productivity in spite of myself.

Grateful! For some solid progress on a project I started in June that would usually have been done in under a week but is now looking more like 9+ months from start to finish. Just in case you all thought it was just socialising with you that I didn't have time for 😉

Grateful! For the internet giving me access to TV from other countries (Wellington Paranormal!!). For reminders that I can say "no" to a lot of things (which is good, cos I am down with "no").

Grateful! To see more people talking about solarpunk and hopepunk. Perhaps we can turn our creativity (and, thus, our cultural gaze, our efforts, our future) towards a better path. (We don't have to go full cyberpunk to have the tech. We can have it without the cultural mire.)

Grateful! For outside perspectives on my ideas to save me from accidentally sending the wrong message.

Grateful! For optional to-do items. For good options that are inexpensive. For spare compression gloves.

Grateful! For having learnt that starting from scratch, instead of reworking a draft, can be a good solution sometimes. For soft bread.

Grateful! For networked computers. For organically finding processes that really work for me.

Grateful! For friends' successes. A couple of my hard-working friends who've poured their all into creative paths are reaping rewards they've wanted a long while, and it's awesome both cos I love them and cos it's encouraging.

Grateful! For the birthday wishes. All were appreciated, and some included just the right few words or phrases so I know that I am known and loved for who I really am.

Grateful! For clear action items and someone to advise me on a thing I don't have time to sufficiently research.

Grateful! For gifts that allow me to try new things with little risk. For chocolate hazelnut sweeties.

Grateful! For those who take on some of the hassle of explaining the needs or limits of my brain/body/life. It's a bit wearying to constantly have to defend boundaries and try not to offend. I've overheard some people doing it for me lately, and that's lovely.

Grateful! For the times the things I need are also the things I want (and that there's pretty unambiguous proof of it). For chocolate milk.

Grateful! For challenges that encourage me to rise (instead of crushing me). For not working in an office. (The day jobs where any office time was requisite were just brutal.)

Grateful! For regrets I thought I might have but didn't. For problems for which more glitter is the solution.

Grateful! For enough progress in the last week that, after months of it not being so, I appear to have gotten my calendar/commitments back to Entirely Full as opposed to No Hope of Accomplishing It All Healthily. For easy cleanup.

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