Grateful! For a clear and logical call to remember the world is a varied place before I even start mentally drafting a story. For responsive sources.

Grateful! For masa (and for not having to share my batch of egg masa tortillas). For big impact from very little effort.

Grateful! For quick, decisive failures. The only thing worse than wasted time is even more wasted time. For studies and papers posted online so I don't have to trust sensationalised summaries when the "news" reports it.

Grateful! For love every day and unabashedly...ignoring the pressure from society or corporations to perform it a certain way or day...not treating love of friends as inferior to romance...never forgetting it can be a powerful force, not just fluff and flowers.

Grateful! For salvageable cooking mishaps. For such mishaps being rare. For discovering I've moved past another bit of bitterness. That emotional energy can now be aimed at brighter things.

Grateful! For spoilers I avoided for months without even trying. For having a few quick items on my to-do list that I can throw in when I just need to feel productive.

Grateful! For times the jokes I make to amuse myself land with someone else. For the seasoning/flavouring options my body *can* tolerate. (Worst case, I will just lean into salt...🧂)

Grateful! For reusable text, especially on larger projects. For being able to avoid all but the easiest maths when my brain is fogged with sleepiness. (Mathematics are cool; sleepiness is the enemy.)

Grateful! For being trusted with people's truths. For the nudge that helped me broaden a good effort. For not losing everyone I was hoping to reach as I barrelled through some thoughts.

Grateful! For times my brain obsesses over positive interests instead of anxieties. For not setting off the fire alarm when frying my lunch in sesame oil 😎

Grateful! For eyes that can see many colours. (One of the perks of being a human.) For the bonding power of shared interests.

Grateful! That sometimes my perfomative okay-ness can happen on autopilot whilst my brain is processing some definite not-okay-ness as I receive it that I can't safely confront head on. That an old toy is still in good shape to be the tool I need.

Grateful! For beating my own expectations. For not making myself stick to a plan *just* to stick to the plan. I am, admittedly, not great at this, so it's gold star time whenever I manage it.

Grateful! For annoying characters leaving programmes. More of that, please. For leggings, especially if they're quality and on sale and in a print I can love. Maybe, if they stay popular enough, I'll get quality, saturated black ones again...

Grateful! For a new, super quick sourdough recipe that should have a lot of tasty (equally easy) variations and that can use however much starter is fed and needs to be used. For finding better metaphors.

Grateful! For super glue. For salt. For things I can skip, and for things I'm already doing before it's even suggested I do them.

Grateful! That at least tonight's building fire alarm was just a(nother) false alarm. That I keep my earplugs in easy reach.

Grateful! For clean, dry socks. For goals that increase delight instead of just increasing work.

Grateful! For times I actually accidentally do good when I'm worried I might be annoying people. For ginger.

Grateful! For inexpensive, ridiculous, delightful ways to feel connected to my favourite people. For times the health stuff is at least easy to diagnose.

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