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10. Grateful! For TV binges I can complete in a day...or even in an evening. For confirming that certain things I thought weren't issues really aren't.

9. Grateful! For baked goods that call for melted butter instead of creaming or cutting in butter. For the rare times I'm not so busy that I don't have the time for a recipe that wants me to cream or cut in the butter...For the self control not not eat the creamed butter and sugar. (There is a whole part of my brain dedicated to thinking about butter, apparently. Heh!)

8. Grateful! For TV and films that use teen actors to play teens. Seriously. (I will spare you my lecture, but it's so damaging for multiple reasons when they use even young 20-somethings.) For things that freeze and reheat as nicely as claimed.

7. Grateful! For so-called Halloween things that suit my aesthetic year 'round. One need not be a goth to appreciate a tasteful bowl with skulls (or be sad they missed out on the wee saucers with bats). For past-me doing present-me a solid, sparing me an errand.

6. Grateful! For a new way to use an old talent that will help scratch a persistent itch. A way that will give me more sparks of productivity and maybe even more ideas (already happened once in the hour since I realised this way was an option). Magic!

5. Grateful! That I've finally sorted out (or am at least 99% sure I have) the name of the main character for the book I'm writing after the Peaceforger books. Names either come to me immediately or are excruciating. She has been the latter, so this is a lovely relief!

3. Grateful! For people who post videos for cats online. (My kitty has become a big fan, and I get to pretend I'm giving him an enriching enough environment.)

4. Grateful! For all the options that let you change something on every page of a site or a document by just changing one style or template or called item. (I don't miss the slog of manually changing every.little.thing.)

1. Grateful! For synchronised-ish dream visits with one of my oldest (maybe my oldest?) friends. For knowing how a book I'm going to write starts (and I've written the first scenes for the two books to finish before it, so I'm not derailing anything that should come first).

2. Grateful! For delivery people who bring parcels to my door instead of leaving them in the mail room. For shops that stay open late so I can run errands when the traffic isn't ugly.

Back from ye olde social media fast. I'll get to messages, tags, comments etc over the next few days. (I'm not more back than I was; sadly, I didn't magically discover more time to read people's posts. But I'm now more than scheduled posts on my pages again.)

As promised, here are the 10 gratitude posts from when I was out, plus a pic from Hubble that I fell in love with last night. (What have you been grateful for, other than me shutting up, whilst I was out?)

10/9 through 10/18, I'm doing a 10-day social media fast.

If you need or want to get ahold of me in that time, use email, text, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, or Skype (chat; never just start a call).

If you tag me or comment, I'll check it out 10/19. (So, if you post a thing I should see, tag me do!)

Even whilst out, I'll be keeping a list (adding at least one per day) of what I'm grateful for and posting that 10/19.

Be kind to yourself, each other, the animals, and the planet. Back soon!

Grateful! For talking myself down to a reasonable level of enthusiasm for a project I can't really work on yet. (So I'll now be able to focus on what I can and should work on.) For recipes with accurate estimates of how long they take to make.

Grateful! For the Doctor as a woman at last, and reason to hope the new showrunner will be better than the previous. For a glorious week of not having had to leave the flat for anything.

Grateful! For some clarity about the intentions and motivations that will let me at least feel good about how I try to live my life. For cinnamon in hot chocolate.

Grateful! For safe topics. I love a deep conversation, but the world is on fire and most topics are either full of fight or full of pain. For targeted nostalgia, so I get the goodness but have boundaries to keep me from falling down the well.

Grateful! For finally getting things Just Right so that the cat can and will use his standing scratcher (which I hope will save the books he'd been going at instead...). For learning to celebrate the parts I get right.

Grateful! For the magical power of cinnamon sugar (cinnamon! sugar! simplicity!). For reminders that my productivity doesn't prove my worth. (I know worth is innate, but the world is shouting otherwise...)

Grateful! For reliable cat distractions. For coupon codes. For deadlines that help me figure out appropriate priorities when I'm juggling multiple projects.

Grateful! For my preferences that are in line with my restrictions. For seedless jam (so I don't have to give up my jam completely).

Grateful! For a perfect and encouraging letter that teen-me wouldn't believe could be real (and always grateful when the thing in the post isn't a bill or spam).

Grateful! For opportunities to flex neglected brain muscles even a little. That plenty of my brain muscles aren't neglected (I need just enough challenge in my life...)