Grateful! For clothes that are easy to iron, and especially for clothes that don't ever need to be ironed. For hair styles that survive naps.

Grateful! For buffers and sounding boards. For the times I'm able to not let someone else's poor planning becoming my problem.

Grateful! For the safety harness that saved my ego. For lists (and the moments I can at least pretend they will be the key to set me up to Fix All The Things).

Grateful! For mysteriously reappearing parcels. For pie on sale. For convenient logistics.

Grateful! For almond-flavoured things, and that almond extract means I can have the flavour even when I'm not allowed the actual nuts. For things short enough to read when life is too full for more than a few seconds of book time.

Grateful! For niblings willing to make time for their reclusive aunt. For not being so deep in sensory overwhelm and burnout that I missed something that would have made things much worse. Yay!

Grateful! For bumping into one of my favourite humans, geeking out, and being reminded that the side of good has some awesome people. For people who let me know when I have lippie on my teeth, especially when it's a stranger with no stake in me.

Grateful! For knowing that I don't owe anyone an education or a debate. For delays that fortuitously save me money.

Grateful! For catching the first moments of rain, when the ozone smell makes the air electric. For a financial guy who can help me make smart healthcare choices.

Grateful! For tasks that justify holding on to some of my old tech. For noticing incremental improvement (and not just years in the future).

Grateful! That the water issue I woke up to ended up not being MY leak. That more people are starting to realise that you can have serious concerns even if you also have some silly ones or even sometimes enjoy life. (Life is a mix, and just having the serious would burn you out before you could shine all your light.)

Grateful! For times it doesn't hurt to try something and see how it goes. For lessons learnt in harder and/or less financially stable times that help me feel empowered and make better choices now.

Grateful! For a view from space. For even brief moments with my favourite people. For worthy screen adaptations.

Grateful! For company that makes errand running the opposite of a chore. For gift cards I didn't get around to spending.

Grateful! For a "closed door" conversation that was risky for both of us (until we felt confident we were in the same boat) and really helped me at least feel not alone in a particular struggle.

Grateful! For ideas in the moment of not living up to my own hopes that will help me do better next time. For bread and butter, toasted or not.

Grateful! For the person who let me know my mask was slipping when I definitely needed to perform pleasantness and okayness. For the places in my life where I don't have to do performative emotion or okayness.

Grateful! For things that can be redone (instead of having to settle for questionable results). For "messes" that are made of glitter.

Grateful! For quick hellos with animal friends. For dog owners who aren't offended that their pet's energy can be a bit much for me. For realising before I started that my plan for something was too complex for the allotted time, and managing to make six simpler (but maybe still good?) things instead.

Grateful! For the people who grok my serious need for solitude. For times the random thing my hair does is better than what I'd planned.

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