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Grateful! That we just get the smoke, not the fires. I know that seems like I'm reaching, but we really are quite lucky that the smoke, bad as it is, is the worst we in Seattle have to deal with from the summer fires that appear to be the new norm. Joe was right; things are Butlerian... (As in Octavia Butler, not as in Butlerian Jihad--where my mind went first...)

Grateful! For the breeze finally blowing the right way to move some of the coolness into my flat before the heat hits again. For the resulting slight decrease in hand swelling and sensory overload. That summer only lasts a few months.

Grateful! For reminders that work. My brain is expert at treating reminders like useless noise... For songs as alarms (because using standard alarm sounds *always* causes me to wake up enraged).

Grateful! That, in this heat, clothes hung to dry do so quickly. That the cat has enough toys to not be bored when one has to be taken away for cleaning.

Grateful! For friends/family/partners who will have deep, careful conversations that can be necessary to understand each other so we can help each other be our best selves. The trust and energy and good communication skills involved in that are so valuable. ❤️

Grateful! For how often updating drivers and turning things off and on helps. For a second yoga mat (because the cat can only occupy/block me from one at a time).

Grateful! For times I'm on the same page as those with whom I'm working. For electric blue.

Grateful! For times stubbornness can stand in for patience (cos you know which one I usually have more of...)

Grateful! For the times what I'm baking fits perfectly in the pan. For the many ways love and light spread through the world.

Grateful! For spare headphones. For the reminder that hope can be a revolution. For days I feel mostly good about how my time is spent.

Grateful! That it's easy to keep meetings to weekdays, so I can count on a break from that.

Grateful! For rain...I am always so disappointed when Seattle has a long, dry summer, so this had me dreamy-eyed today. For a glimmer of hope in one of my stress dreams. I'm going to credit that to the break in the heat...Heh!

Grateful! For cooler weather, and that it's forecast to last for a few days...and then to return after just a handful more hot days. (Less heat, less sun, fans on a slightly lower/less noisy setting = less sensory overwhelm. You wouldn't believe how much I love and need this.)

Grateful! For well-timed cancellations. For finding the perfect use for the item I thought I should get rid of but hadn't gotten around to yet. PERFECT. Good job being too busy to get it out of the flat, me!

Grateful! For siblings who are better than I am at keeping in touch. For this mantle full of good things (I could write an essay about what you can and can't see here that's lovely). (See the X-wing's laser cannons in the corner too? 😍)

Grateful! For getting the right song stuck in my head (the kind that encourages, not the crazy-making ear worm kind). For cheats that let me make gravy without either a packet or roasting something big.

Grateful! For signs I'm growing as a writer. For ideas crowding in to make sure I don't have to have that classic "what if I never get another story idea?" worry. I've got a few books until that can come up again 😉

Grateful! For realising a likely reason pain relievers haven't been working, a reason I can test and (hopefully) address with just a little effort. For strong hands.

Grateful! For evening breezes (though I swear I only felt them in one place...still, coolness on a hot day without the noise of a fan? MAGIC whilst it lasted). For an opportunity to gain perspective.

Grateful! For people who are willing to own their mistakes and try to be and do better. (It's hard to set aside or fight through egos and aversion to the shame of being imperfect.)