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Grateful! For writers/directors who understand that we don't need to see every fight (sometimes the lead up and aftermath are enough) and every fight need not be an extended display of cool moves. (This current trend of doing the opposite is killing my enjoyment of fight scenes.)

Grateful! For packages that come with tissue paper. Watching the cat become a pouncy kitten for the rest the day because NEW TISSUE PAPER is a delight that pierces even difficult days.

Grateful! For crappy situations delayed...Maybe give me time to get my feet planted better before I face them. That I get to enjoy the beauty of the snow, knowing I don't have to drive in it or sleep rough.

Grateful! For how easy it is with current technology to grab sound bites from TV/films to add to playlists. 90s me is quite jealous!

Grateful! For trip hop. There are certain grooves in my brain that only trip hop can fit.

Grateful! For safety pins. That the snow didn't stick. That I haven't run out of ideas for new things to try to keep myself kind of on track with my too-many commitments.

Grateful! For Skype and brains that produce workarounds when the logistics are getting in the way. For cinemas that let one reserve seats for any show.

Grateful! That the note I wrote to a stranger was taken in the intended spirit. That, even when they're unpleasant, I've never dreaded being alone with my thoughts.

Grateful! For Photoshop filters. For direct deposit. That the cat still loves his favourite toy even though he's beaten it down to almost nothing.

Grateful! For having fallen in with Autism acceptance advocates before the rest the world could teach me rubbish that would have been bad for my health, my sense of self, and the path I followed in response to my diagnosis. I ❤️ my neurodivergent brain.

Grateful! For Constantine cameos. For backup plans that don't suck too much. For a brain that does numbers *and* words.

Grateful! For a rare day with no bus mishaps (Both buses came! On time! And I was there for them! And nobody on the buses or at the stops was Problematic or slowed things down!)

Grateful! For family and friends who are graceful when my love languages (for both giving and receiving) are alien 👽❤️👽

Grateful! For well-insulated homes. For all the people who believe that the best life purpose isn't focused on self.

Grateful! For laundry day. The smell of freshly washed things, the warmth that lingers in them as I fold them, and the sort of meditative nature of folding (no choices to make, order imposed, nothing that needs me to conquer the many streams of thought/noise in my head).

Grateful! For a tedious, extended project finished. (No, not a creative one. Those are all non-tedious. Yay! Another thing I'm grateful for.)

Grateful! That, whilst I've not yet become zen enough to truly let it go when people say unintelligent/wrong/frustrating things, my solid self-esteem and my passions help me remember most those people don't deserve my time or energy (aka a reply). Still counts as letting it go 😉

Grateful! For my replenished pile of blank books. I can never have enough. For being raised to budget. I'm sad how few people were taught that skill *before* failing at finances.

Grateful! For finding one thing in a chaotic, difficult situation that's in better shape than I thought. When you can't see the stars, treasure the candles. Celebrate what light you find.

Grateful! For the neighbours who aren't around much, the ones who (therefore) aren't adding noise or making parking more difficult. I need a soundproof home with a reasonable parking space 😉