It's harder to be here than there. Community matters and some of that was built on years of work and exchange.

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Hey I did it, I made a worlde clone, but for guessing languages!

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Since I missed out on earlier Mango Discourse, have a poem by Amir Khusro for today's #VerseThursday

@Pekkuvaeltaja just saw you on gautam cql watch thread on twitter, so... Hi again I guess!

This is the kind of thing I find really interesting about cdramas.

So waiting for the weekend drought of Who Rules the World to end, I started watching You Are My Glory.

Liking it more than I expected to, mostly I think, because of Dilireba but also Yang Yang.

Can I just say though, that it was A Choice to have Dilireba's character call her gaming persona Little Cotton.

Like... 👀

I have a theory that Liu Yuning is a lucky mascot for cdramas. He has a song in it? Worth checking out!

Please watch !

It's even on Netflix now, and Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi are fantastic.

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It's difficult to convey the scale of this—I don't think we've even had a major general strike in forty years and that one was crushed so violently organized labour has been recovering ever since. The last really big nationwide hartal was nearly seventy years ago. So this is a very big deal.

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Here in Sri Lanka, we had a massive nationwide general strike yesterday to pressure the president and prime minister into stepping down. Here are some pics from the protests. Every one of these photos is from yesterday and from a different town or city across the country.

Original pics and photographer credits can be found in these threads, along with many, many other images and video documenting the protests:

My current reading:

The last few Tai Sui (Priest) extras.

Part-way through Lie Huo (Priest) and Yuwu (Meatbun).

One of these days, I need to begin Sinopticon!

To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.

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Hey, #danmei fans! If you also enjoy #wuxia, you should be following my friend @yilinwriter

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Hi new folks! Been here a while but haven't posted in uh, a couple of years apparently. Probably not gonna abandon Twitter this year (it's helping a lot with fundraising right now for the Sri Lankan crisis) but always glad to see more folks here. Hopefully these periodic exoduses will reach a tipping point.

Hello! Whatever I was before, now I'm a cdrama fan and Mandarin learner, so:

Going to keep this one for cdrama, danmei, ao3, fanart reposts, that kind of stuff.

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