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A long and fascinating article on Ken Liu and his translations of of works by Chinese SF writers. It also goes into some details on how he navigates the translations of political statements that Chinese writers may obscure in their writings to get past the censors.

#SFF #KenLiu #Translations #China #Writing

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I'm a speculative fiction writer looking for worker-owners willing to talk about their work at a co-op.It is research for a novel series I'm working on. Any takers? For more details on work I've done here's a link:

Boosts appreciated!

Tfw you quickly make an imaginary friend of your hopeless crush, out of sheer self defence.

Sean Bonney died today. I'm just reading his poems, extracts of which he posted on his blog.

Here's one:

Does Mastodon have a set of posts? Because I miss what Tumblr used to be.

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gross medical history, teeth, another Cool Fact, old art 

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Looking for women (trans, cis, enby) quizzers, and seekers of trivial knowledge, to join a team drafting questions for a Tamil TV quiz show. Paid gig, but must be based in or willing to move to Madras for duration of work. Please apply or boost

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Old unfinished drafts of stories that I hadn't worked on for a while tend to grow stale in my mind—I always remember them as being far more rough and unpromising than they actually are. But working on them again—almost always—reveals that it is only the memory that is stale. When the dry crust comes off the surface, underneath is sap still as liquid and fresh as the first day. It's just that if you don't go back to it you'll never find out.

Heard some stories yesterday about Indian poets in the poetry 'biz' (such as it is).

Wondering how long it will take for some of these poets to discover that principle-free poetry is a poisoned chalice.

The moon is cold and brilliant and nearly full tonight.

Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir's choreography for Wish You Were Here on their Rock the Rink farewell tour is...not the poignant thing people think it is?

The one new element to the choreography is Scott holding Tessa's face tenderly for the first time on the words 'did you exchange/a walk on part in the war/ for a lead role in a cage'.

At which point she disengages, he holds the empty shape of her face & then they move on to other regular choreographic elements.

This time, she's the one escaping.

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Eugen Rochko, Mastodon's founder:

"On top of that, a decentralized system presents unique discovery challenges. It’s one thing to get someone to try out Mastodon, but for them to keep using it, they need to acquire the happy medium of content and personal connections to have a reason to come back."

What happened is, we grew old waiting for justice and for someone trustworthy to deliver it.

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I can never remember if biathlon means

🍍 Twice per athlon
🍍 Once per two athlons, or
🍍 Attracted to two or more athlons

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