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Day 5: Chicken
(No particular symbolism beyond scary people with funny animals are the best.)

Tootle is fixed. Who’d have thought I could be that tired of the number 9. Yay!

My cat has figured out that if he goes somewhere he’s not supposed to, we’ll bribe him with food to get out. So, now he does it all the time.

Just warned my husband that he should make sure to never die in a cutscene. All other deaths I could just send in a medic, but cutscene deaths are doom.

Why aren’t decorative chainlink fence toppers a thing? The fence part isn’t that objectively ugly—it’s the utilitarian edges and tops that make it look cheap. With the right framing they could look downright lacy.

*fans self* They announced an A5 size 5-year techo. Talk about exciting my nerd heart.

Me every morning: *opens sarcophagus*
Cats: Yes, let us drink the juices

Just watched a music video that I’m pretty sure was assembled from the video equivalent of shutterstock photos. Felt like I had fallen into a karaoke machine.

Me yesterday: Okay, so I might have been overstating things a tiny bit by saying character x’s sections are almost done considering I have to create a linguistic vernacular specific to this subculture and completely rewrite their 40,000 words of pov into it. But other than that, nearly finished!

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Trying to be the street art I want to see in the world. :)

My credit card: Sudden charges from Italy perfectly normal (they were me).

What, $.99 from Apple iTunes?? Have yiu bean hacked omg wtf??

Having learned most of your vocabulary through reading books outside your age range means not only mispronouncing words you’ve only seen written but also the jolt of realization while laying in bed waiting for your snooze alarm that a platonic ideal is Plato-platonic not friendship-platonic.

I finished my scene like a good little writer, but the iOS 12 beta is still not available to download. Why doesn’t the universe reward my completion of side quests like a video game the way I want?

Me leaving work: Gonna foolishly install the iOS 12 beta on my phone because I wanna make memoji of my characters to play with but will at least make myself finish writing the current important scene first.
Me at home: Why isn’t the beta show to install yet?? *writes nothing, manically refreshes update screen instead*

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I need more books on my phone. With all this social media, my phone is only filled with sadness.

What a day to see Hamilton. How can something that I have literally memorized still bring me to tears?

In the middle of that day after weeks of deadlines and stress and not enough sleep where one’s body is trying to remember how to unclench. It soothing but also feels like I’m missing something.