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I need more books on my phone. With all this social media, my phone is only filled with sadness.

What a day to see Hamilton. How can something that I have literally memorized still bring me to tears?

In the middle of that day after weeks of deadlines and stress and not enough sleep where one’s body is trying to remember how to unclench. It soothing but also feels like I’m missing something.

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My new sunglasses make me feel like I live in the south of France on a little vineyard and I’m happy and lightly tan with a touch of ennui and next week I’ll be going to Monaco where I will lose betting on the ponies but it’s okay because I meet a prince and he has a priceless artifact he’s transporting on his private jet, which I am there to steal.

This App Store story makes me like I’m going to stumble on mysterious statues and the dates and times needed to unlock a gate to another world...

I just took a nap, and spent the whole time dreaming that I was reading a magazine. I guess that’s one way to fit some relaxing reading in.

It’s finally nice enough for me to go running again. So I went and, oh boy, I was huffing and puffing so hard I accidentally blew two houses down.

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Hey our local timeline is pretty great.

Thanks, denizens of The Wandering Shop, for continuing to be fantastic.

There’s nothing quite so ominous as walking into the bathroom and seeing the toothpaste cap, and only the cap, sitting on the counter by the sink.

I can tell when I’m overly stressed and overwhelmed when I go weeks without more than a glance at my . What I can’t tell is which way the causality might be running.

This morning, I reached for a new box of crackers and as I started to open, I noticed that the glue didn’t release like I would have expected under my fingers, that the scallop of the cardboard was the inverse of my expectation. I flipped the box over, and everything was right.

Isn’t it amazing that in this world of infinite objects something as mundane as a box can be an object that I know intimately? So often I live in my head, and here is embodied knowing in practice.

And now it is Friday, and I am on the couch, surrounded by happy cats. I am queen of all I survey.

...That being my living room and a bit of the dining room, but all in all it’s a pretty pleasant kingdom.

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Pro tip for all NPCs: if you reply the same thing twice to a player, they will leave you alone.

When I catch one of the cats doing something naughty, why is my reflex to say, “na-ah-ah, you know better,” as if this barely more than feral creature who lives in my home is concerned with my opinion of his manners?

Today in a car: Yeah, I deactivated my fb page. (Long explanation of why...)

(Fails saving throw against being that person)

Have you heard of this thing called Mastodon...?

We went to a cat show, and now I feel like a crystal gem.

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"History isn't a 'useless' major. It teaches critical thinking, something America needs plenty more of"

A five minute drawing using some new procreate brushes. These are the closest I've gotten to looking like my own pen on paper. I think I'm in love.

The most adorable teenage entrepreneur just stopped by to offer to shovel our walk. Not having cash to give her is the first time in months that I’ve legitimately wanted to have paper money on me. I told her to come back another time and I’d definitely take her up on the offer.