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The worst thing about waiting on hold isn’t the wait or the tinny hold music, but the frequent interruptions to let you know that all agents are currently assisting other customers. I can wait for a long time listening to the music, but stop faking me out every 30 seconds with your facade of concern.

I have been told that wearing 4 shirts a day is not normal. Am I statistical outlier, sweaters Georg?

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They’ve been predicting a snowpocalypse for days, but as it got closer the system was going to mostly miss us.

So, no snow day.

And yet somehow there is no power in the Union, possibly through Tuesday, so I am home anyway. Twist!

Clearly what would be more effective than a 50-question dating profile is a single question: What meme are you?

Me, I’m a “sticks m’leggy in the air” (silly and pure, applies to everything). My husband says he’s an O RLY (harkens back to the earliest memedom). What memes are other people?

On the far right side going down, there is at least one instance of 日 写 真 and 一 that look like something someone who can do a bit of legit shodo might write if they were a wee bit sloshed and riding upside down on a roller coaster. Progress!

That inspired me to practice a few kanji of my own. I think on this sheet of 70 or so, there are at least three that qualify as a legit decent similarity (for a beginner), which is honestly much better than I expected. ​:blobowo:

I discovered that on instagram there are accounts filled with nothing but videos of brushes inking perfect Japanese kanji. It’s beautiful and soothing. I never knew I wanted this so badly.

I think in higher ed, especially grad programs, we do a disservice to each other by pretending that doing the work is effortless. Sometimes it sucks. Pretending otherwise makes people feel like experiencing difficulty means you are you not smart.

Yesterday, I had a long day at work, then making dinner went sideways, and I was looking at three hours of reading starting at 7:30. I cried and then I did the reading, and sometimes that’s what you’ve got to do.

I ended up spending 5 hours yesterday in ssh installing Ghost on my webserver (I don’t have root so couldn’t use the easy install), and another 2 hours playing with the formatting...and I don’t like how I have to use an iFrame to put it on my page. I’m not a fan of wordpress but I might put it back after all.

Other thought... maybe I can put use it for our book site and move the domain name. It is pretty and works with multi-authors. Or am I just desperate to not have wasted my time?

This week in , I attempt to paint some spring flowers.

This chapter on the humanistic philosophy of adult education discusses in brief the relation with phenomenology, but it gets one point a little bit wrong.

*rips off cloak, Wonder Woman style*

This is my moment.

Any other not so much get tired of people being around as get too worn out to respond and visibly emote properly?

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Practicing expressions (sometimes violence is at least an answer) and studying.

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"Can I make yogurt in my cursed Instant Pot?


Will the yogurt be cursed?