Some tasks we do so often, it's worth taking a few minutes (or even hours) to streamline the activity. During my work day, I generally live in Terra Dotta, the online software often used for study abroad management, which is a system that is useful but sometimes navigating between sections is a bit slower than I'd like. In particular, three searches that I do frequently are searching for a student and opening program public b

Interesting how much this sounds like in a nutshell: no follower count, no disembodied likes, just posting and responding as a conversation. I didn't realize how much I would like until I tried it.

Earlier that month, during an interview at a TED conference, the Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey shared a big idea of his own. “If I had to start the service again, I would not emphasize the follower count as much,” he said. “I wou

Trying to figure out the best method. I tried out a Wordpress integration to crosspost, but I don’t like that the photos don’t show, only bland links. I’m going to have to play around and see if I can find a better method.

My cat has figured out that if he goes somewhere he’s not supposed to, we’ll bribe him with food to get out. So, now he does it all the time.

Just warned my husband that he should make sure to never die in a cutscene. All other deaths I could just send in a medic, but cutscene deaths are doom.

Why aren’t decorative chainlink fence toppers a thing? The fence part isn’t that objectively ugly—it’s the utilitarian edges and tops that make it look cheap. With the right framing they could look downright lacy.

*fans self* They announced an A5 size 5-year techo. Talk about exciting my nerd heart.

Me every morning: *opens sarcophagus*
Cats: Yes, let us drink the juices

Just watched a music video that I’m pretty sure was assembled from the video equivalent of shutterstock photos. Felt like I had fallen into a karaoke machine.

Me yesterday: Okay, so I might have been overstating things a tiny bit by saying character x’s sections are almost done considering I have to create a linguistic vernacular specific to this subculture and completely rewrite their 40,000 words of pov into it. But other than that, nearly finished!

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My credit card: Sudden charges from Italy perfectly normal (they were me).

What, $.99 from Apple iTunes?? Have yiu bean hacked omg wtf??

Having learned most of your vocabulary through reading books outside your age range means not only mispronouncing words you’ve only seen written but also the jolt of realization while laying in bed waiting for your snooze alarm that a platonic ideal is Plato-platonic not friendship-platonic.

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