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MJ Paxton @snipejaeg

For work reasons - does anyone know of an instance targeted at libraries/librarians/library organizations?

@snipejaeg if you do find one, please let me know as I would be interested in it also.

@snipejaeg scholar.social is targeted at a group which includes those, I think @socrates

@snipejaeg @twsh @JimArobertson Can confirm. "Librarians" are a subset of "academics," but I can't tell you if someone has set up an even more specific instance! :)

@socrates @snipejaeg @twsh @JimArobertson no library-specific one yet, but someone's bought glamrus.club with intentions. (GLAM) sector and... 'R Us but also walrus-like mastodon?

@twsh @snipejaeg @socrates @ruth still trying to figure out how this place works. Thanks for the help.

Follow-up since this has been getting boosted - scholar.social sits in this niche for academia (h/t @twsh)

i took a stab at doing this a while ago but never got it going because I didn't feel comfortable enough on the tech side of things

if someone else wants to go in with me on a #librarian instance I'd still be happy to help though!

@ebeth Someone pointed me at scholar.social - it's aimed at broader academia, but welcomes librarians as part of the community.

@snipejaeg seems to be down right now, i'll have to check it out later

@ebeth @snipejaeg It's at scholar.social (forgetting the "s" in the https sometimes makes it look like it's down :/)

@ebeth @snipejaeg There's probably a simple way to redirect all http to https

I should look into that

Thanks for mentioning the problem!

@snipejaeg Blake Carved had a StatusNet instance briefly at LISNews.org / LISHost.com so you could ask him to make a new one perhaps.

@snipejaeg we should host something at the University of Michigan School of Information. We have a pretty active LIS program.

@willhopkins I was referred to scholar.social - it’s quieter there, but all stripes of academics

@snipejaeg yeah, it looks good. A library-specific instance still might be of interest to the folks here.