This is my first thanksgiving since giving up wheat. We're doing the stuffing with GF bread and trying to get a hold of GF french fried onions, but may have to fry our own onions for green bean casserole. I'm also gonna attempt macaroni pie again--still trying to up my game there.

Anybody else got fun plans?


@Annalee Lots of food with the side of the family that’s spread all across the eastern half of the US

@Annalee (btw - it sounds like you’re on top of GF food, but wanted to offer: my sister and cousin have severe reactions to gluten so we’ve had some good options at Thanksgiving, especially stuffing. i can ask for recipes if you want)

@snipejaeg Thanks! I can handle gluten but am allergic to wheat, so I use GF baking products a lot.

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