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@kai i haven't written it up, but i used twitrss.me/ to generate the feed URLs and then added them to Feedly like regular URLs

YouTube i think you can just copy the channel URL into most feed readers.

and Mastodon's feed URL format is https://[instance]/@[username].atom -> wandering.shop/@snipejaeg.atom

That's all i've found so far... may pin this toot in lieu of a blog post :)

also wondering if i can fold the reading excel file and media excel file into the bujo excel file XD

looking at my tbr excel sheet... about half of a short story collection from the library left, and then i can get back to owned books

i've had the availability notification for State Tectonics in my inbox for 8 days now, so that's my main motivation for finishing the library book ASAP

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Make a to-do list if you're feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes it helps to break things down into smaller pieces.

there's one thing i'm having trouble accepting about the Captain Marvel trailer

Phil Coulson never had that much hair

had 6 meetings on my calendar for today, and got pulled into a pop-up meeting during the 12-1 gap.


watching a video essay about TLJ and how many cis men who hate it, do so for sexist reasons, and i'm reminded of something i've wondered before

(i may be completely wrong, if you think i am please engage with this)

Oscar Isaac is Guatemalan, but i'm not sure Poe Dameron isn't white - esp. based on how in TFA he slotted into the Harrison Ford role.

he could be POC playing a white character, or he could be light-but-not-white (h/t Tobias Buckell).

question mark?

why yes, i *am* way more excited about the Captain Marvel trailer than anything i saw promoting Infinity War

very happy to hear that Harry Potter won an emmy

i think i have a chance to catch my breath, now.

until tomorrow morning, anyway.

gonna try to play Gambit for the first time

with a decent wine buzz

should be fun

the stars at night
are big and bright

i’m not sure i know whether there is a difference between a bungalow and a cabin, other than the presence of woods

another long drive, another "do i listen to the podcast or wait and watch the YouTube next week?"

also how has no one tooted about till now, it is a delight (and i believe also the origin of the idiom "Sea Lioning")

it's weird being on a social media platform that's still new enough where i can be the first one to use a specific hashtag

David Malki has be riffing on a sick elephant joke for a month and a half now, and it keeps getting more better.
Start at wondermark.com/c1414/ and keep clicking Next.

what if Sweet Caroline and I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) got into a fight