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my general aesthetic is
1) comfort
2) lots of pockets
3) avoid being noticed

so i wind up being an agender person who presents male. and i fully admit the privilege of not having dysphora and looking male.

i just want more room for non-cis people who don’t have the emotionally energy/style motivation to design a presentation that communicates our genders.

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@kai i haven't written it up, but i used to generate the feed URLs and then added them to Feedly like regular URLs

YouTube i think you can just copy the channel URL into most feed readers.

and Mastodon's feed URL format is https://[instance]/@[username].atom ->

That's all i've found so far... may pin this toot in lieu of a blog post :)

‪the world is not great for humans (mostly because of other humans), but was a bright spot.
‪(ps if you haven’t watched it yet, WATCH THE THREE SEASONS WE HAVE)‬

‪take of unknown temperature (from an outsider to both sports): what you see on American Ninja Warrior is more in the spirit of parkour than freerunning with flips

aren’t most “deconstructed” dishes really just unconstructed?

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