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Voting in Chicago for the first time next month. Where do I find out how many ballots I can cast?

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Hello friends! As a reminder, we take reports very seriously, and try to respond to them within 24 hours (there's just too of us, and sometimes we get busy).

Please report! We'd rather have too many than have you uncomfortable in this space. We will enforce our CoC with joy and vigor.

Coming back from the void to ask for takes on Star Trek Discovery. I dropped off early on bc it seemed like the writers were going to use Tilly as Sheldon-In-Space.

How did this go - positive autism representation or stereotypes for comedy?

part of me wants to have a twitter account again, just so that i can interact with the dozen or so people whose feeds i'm following through rss

on a scale of apples to oranges, how much of a trashfire is birdsite nowadays? are they actually enforcing community guidelines?

Starting the pilot. I'm only 8 minutes in, but middle-aged & black are two very underrepresented characteristics in superheroes.

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Shout out to all the people with "Face ID is insecure!" hot takes who are now uploading their selfies to that Google painting thing.

I'm up to episode 25 of -
They've fan-pitched two versions of a Boba Fett movie and I love both ideas
-after RotJ, it's like Smokin' Aces as lots of bounty hunters try to claim the armor so they can be the next Boba Fett
-John Wick (that's all they said, but I'm imagining Hutt strongholds as The Continental, and getting that stunt team into the non-lightsaber part of SW, and it's wonderful)

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"Pepsi became the middleman for 17 old submarines and three warships, including a frigate, a cruiser, and a destroyer..." atlasobscura.com/articles/sovi

After I die, I want to join the ghost army and rise to the rank of Corporeal.

tried to text someone about the "Fit, hot guys" song (from ) and my phone's autocorrect kept changing guys to folks

me: "but what would have happened to Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks when Fox Books filed for bankruptcy in 2008?"
me: types toot
me: googles to make sure i'm remembering the name of Tom Hanks' family's bookstore right
me: learns the Onion already made this joke in 2013

Loving the second episode of ComicLab "Why comics?" Dave & Brad making each other laugh makes me laugh.

(couldn't find another link so here it is on itunes)

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I don't think I've ever opened a Kindle book and seen an average read time over 30 hours before.

Finally started reading Oathbringer this morning... and promptly realized I'll need to alternate it with other books to keep my TBR pile from grinding to a standstill.

So I also started The Black Tides of Heaven this morning. :-)