If y'all know anything featuring:
- magic!
- snark!
- fantasy tropes!

send those recs my wayyyy :D (or just tell me what the last fun book you read was!)

@silicon have you read Scott Lynch's The Lies of Locke Lamora? It definitely hits on a number of the categories you name.

@Einahpets YES I LOVE IT! I'm on a reread of it right now and it is just so fun!

Not a series (1 of 2), but I literally just today read Clockwork Boys and it fits a lot of those. Thief+assassin+tropes+magic+fun

@eskay8 Oooooo I don't know that book! Looking it up!

@silicon Also Martha Wells' All Systems Read may have been my favorite read this year. It is a novella but the main character is an AI who names itself Murderbot.

@Einahpets omg I think we read the same books! I read that recently too and I'm so sad to see #2 isn;t out yet I loved it so much!

@Einahpets That's what I think it is! Lol. Clearly we both have great taste in books!

@silicon Have you read any Mira Grant / Seanan McGuire? She's one of my favorite authors.

Also, a series I've been working my way through that definitely has assassins / thievery / snark is the Vorkosigan saga.

If you've read all those then I've got nothing, heh.

@Einahpets No I have not! I know those names but haven't read those books. Hurray!

@silicon Yay! Seanan McGuire's October Daye series is my all time favorite urban fantasy, and she has tons and tons of snark. McGuire's latest novella series thru is also pretty awesome. Mira Grant is her pen name for sci-fi/horror stuff.

And the Vorkosigan saga is actually space opera, but I feel like it is really light on the sci-fi.

@Einahpets Oooh I've been eyeing October Daye for a while, knowing there's tons of snark is all I need to jump in!

@silicon Okay, in all seriousness, I probably shouldn’t have enjoyed Throne of Glass and attendant sequels as much as I did. It has all of those things.

@sproutlight Haha I haven't read them but they're pretty popular I believe!

@silicon @sproutlight The is one to watch out for if you aren't already! It's long on snark, magic, and the horrible, horrible things that happen to fantasy tropes when they get in a head-on collision with capitalism.

(Thieves and assasins are more intermittent but they put in some fabulous appearances.)

@Nentuaby @sproutlight I love the Craft series! So much! It's so inventive and original!

@silicon Have you tried the Legend of Eli Monpress series by Rachel Aaron? She also writes great space opera as Rachel Bach.

Scott Lynch's fantasy series that started with The Lies of Locke Lamorra should also be right down your alley.

Finally, you might enjoy the Hawke and Fisher books by Simon R. Green? Married couple working as cops in a fantasy city. Also read the prequel (of sorts) Blue Moon Rising, which merrily blasts all the fantasy tropes.

@CoraBuhlert oooh I've read 1 of the Eli Monpress books they're fun! Locke Lamora is one of my favorite series ever, I think that's what started my fantasy thief thing. Hawke and Fisher are new to me, I'll definitely look them up! Yay blasting fantasy tropes that's always fun!

@silicon The Hawke and Fisher books have been collected in two omnibusses called Swords of Haven and Guards of Haven. They're a lot of fun, plus it's great seeing a married couple of protagonists.

@CoraBuhlert I really like that idea! I'm definitely gonna check it out.

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