How good on privacy is ? I want to follow cats but I also don't want my location broadcasted to people I don't know. What's your experience?

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Having fun with this Google Quick Draw demo. It's eerily good at guessing the 345 categories it was trained on, but not even close on the others.

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CrossSkitch is going to be releasing next Tuesday!

it's a browser-based #CrossStitching themed drawing tool, inspired by my late great-grandmother and my karelian heritage.

August 14th - coming to an near you! :needle:

#gamedev #indiegames #pixelart #textiles #needlework

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Maths people: is there something like traveling salesman but you have to use every edge at least once and at most twice? Asking for cross-stitch path planning… #boostPlease #embroidery #maths #graphTheory

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Jet lag is the worst. I am not a morning person, but I have consistently been waking up at or before 5AM for the last few days. Ughhhhh

I have what-should-I-read-next angst.

Another Kate Daniels? Something new? Something reread? *dies*

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Where is the River of Teeth version of Hungry Hungy Hippos (where the marbles are all tiny human body parts)? Great cross promotional opportunity missed.


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July was a good month: I read 22 things and reviewed them and put them on my blog – if you like #scifi (or #fantasy) you may find good reading recs there. #sffbookclub

Now I can look under all your spoiler tags for River if Teeth so don't be surprised if you get a reply to a toot from last month!

More flails, this time about Kate Daniels.

Dammit I always forget hashtags ... for the above toot, me having feels about Best Served Cold.

Oh, I read Sarah Gailey's hippo book (River of Teeth!), a little late for . That was ... very different. I enjoyed it but I wasn't blown away. I'd read one of her short stories before and I think that had much better/tighter writing than River of Teeth. I haven't pinpointed exactly what felt off about it to me yet ... I think the plot was a little loose perhaps? But it was a very original idea and I was chill with most of the characters though none stood out to me.

I'm about halfway through Best Served Cold, which I've meant to read for YEARS. I am not sure of my thoughts on it right now. It is very well-written and I have a thing for revenge plots. But it has been a while since reading any "gritty" fantasy and it has been interesting to revisit how that sub-genre works. Literally every character is a terrible person -- classic Abercrombie. And it is very violent.

Not sure if I like it or not, but I can't stop reading it. It's a well-crafted trainwreck.

I am also very impressionable because reading 3 Kate Daniels back to back makes me want to learn martial arts or fencing or something.

I read like 5 books in a row and I'm very incoherently excited about books right now.

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Bad programming joke 

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Maybe the real friends we made along the way were the friends we made along the way
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