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Just got this month's Mr Guns subscription box: Three men's adventure novels every month!

This month includes:

The Meat Master: Spies of the Kremlin (vol. 8 of The BBQ Files) - The Meat Master meats(!) his match in Moscow's grilling underground!

Jake Stevens: SPY COLLECTOR! vol. 23 - Jake parachutes into Afghanistan to locate a Czech spy... mint on card!

The Demolitioner: Fists Over Tokyo - It's Slab vs Kenichi, fists versus feet, crime vs even more crime!

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Walking to the train this morning, I passed a small clay shrine on a street corner. It consisted of a bowl and a tiny clay man who had lost an arm. The body was crude, just tube shaped-limbs like snakes, but the face was detailed.

Between its legs, bird seed.

I almost took a picture of this little god of bird hearths, but was too self-conscious, due to a group of construction workers standing nearby. (I prefer to take photos unobserved. Dunno why.)

So instead I'm telling you. #smallstories

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A library, several blocks in size. After an arduous application process that includes two in-person interviews you get a membership card.

Every book you pull off of the shelves consists of nothing but crowing at how easy it is to create a library. The materials are cheap and the more exclusive you make it seem, the harder fools will try to get access.

At quiet tables, readers with their heads in their hands, finding every book a testament to their folly, unwilling to leave.

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attn @signalstation :


caught my eye because glitch.com/glitch.me is an application development community - already a weird phrase - from which zines are starting to emerge. hmmm

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"boss battle" implies the enemies operate on a meritocracy, but when the final boss is defeated, the hierarchy falls apart and it's every evil space bug for themself. do they take for the throne or do they flee to create a society of their own, one that gives based on every bugs' needs and not their max hit points?

The 3 Meanest Things Critics Have Said About Kylie Jenner's $360 Makeup Brushes

1) "A makeup brush will never truly know love. Not in this broken-down world."

2) "In my dreams each night, I find myself in a throne room, adorned in gold, and a capering makeup brush dances for my amusement. Poorly. It reminds me of Kylie's.

3. "At the end of all things, when the last star cools, and everything is dust, at least I won't have spent a single moment of existence as a makeup brush."

Jobs are tight, so instead of paying for a neural network to come up with dumb names for mystery novels, I've done it myself. Work your own hustle, neural networks!

The Corpse in the Red
My Bullets Are Missing
Hangman's Delivery
The Case of the Case
Blonde Justice
The Case is for Judgement
Stop That Case!
Witness for the Dragon
My Gun Waits for the Case
The Talented Bones
Bullets Bullets Bullets: My Crime Struggle

On the more run down side of town, you can see delivery trucks dropping off smartdoors all the time. Lots of households order a door, but the freeware version only lets you lock your door for 30 days, and then it's time to have some other vendor drop by to install a new door and start the 30 day cycle all over again.

None of us have money to subscribe.

It's either that or you have to watch an ad to enter your house and no one's got time for that. Keep them free doors comin'.

Sure, there's "friends," but even better there's "people who instantly follow your new account on a new instance".