lengthy; sevensi elementals 

(this according to the Primacy of Nature which is just one of several interlocking Sevensi philosophies, etc etc)

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lengthy; sevensi elementals; etymologies 

(naturally these etymologies are non-canonical but still informative) in Sevensi mythology, ground and sky take on the figures of Order and Chaos, both of which are unchanging (that which is ordered stays ordered; that which is chaotic stays chaotic)

in-between the two, you have the fluid substances: rain, wind, fire, which represent change and produce life

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lengthy; sevensi elementals; etymologies 

from dōdsæ «rain» we find:

zā'ō «emotions»
no͡omädōsā «awe; beauty»
dōsōdā «shirt»
dōjā «crying»

from daosī «fire» we find:

hādōsī «eye»
hōtsäsē «physical sensation»
tedsī «pain»
dasītō «pants»
gꜵsī «salamander»

from both, we find:

ʒꜵjə «passion»

from dōwāt «wind» we find:

däwdhī «throat»
jāsō «touch/feel»
dōtōwā «sleep»
mōwā «calm; peaceful»

we see emotion (rain) contrasted with pain/physical sensation (fire) contrasted with feel and texture (wind)

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lengthy; sevensi elementals; etymologies 

from daota «sky» we find in ⊻ VIII:

dōtä͆dō «head»
dhītə «up»
mꜵwə «intelligent; wise»
dətädā «hat»
gōsə «bird»
dōtīät «tree»
dꜵtā'ō «fly (v.)»

from hoetsā «ground» we find:

ħæfōhē «torso; body»
sōmə «skin»
səsä «back»
œsə «down»
pōzäso͡o «rock; stone»
ħōso͡oā͆d «bone»
hōtäjō «frustration»
zōtsā «snake»
hōtsähē «crab»
hōtsīt «bush»
hōzə «metal»

the sky/ground distinction becomes something akin to (clearly) up/down or +/-, and (less clearly) form/substance

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all five of these emerged as distinct elemental concepts circa JTL VI: daosī «fire»; hoetsā «ground»; daota «sky»; dōwāt «wind»; dōdsæ «rain» (used more frequently as an elemental reference than dæso «water»)

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sevensi elementals

{ water 🔄 air 🔄 fire } = life

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