If you're a or fan, say hello and share your favorite book!

Me: probably Ragamuffin by Tobias S. Buckell.

@shaunduke I have a hard time when it comes to picking favorites so here are two:

The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle
Mort by Terry Pratchett

@shaunduke oh its so good! Travel between dimensions mixed with fantasy, a terrifying monster, and depictions of a world enduring an Apocalypse!

@shaunduke Everything by Terry Pratchett, but probably Guards! Guards! because it sets up the rest of my favorites...

Oh, and Nine Princes in Amber by Roger Zelazny.

@Rockwood Ooooh! I have a friend who loves the crap out of the Amber books.

Well currently Nevernight/Godsgrave are really really good.

@shaunduke and not to be all that person, but Toby is SO NICE too! :D My childhood fave is Under Plum Lake by Lionel Davidson, and there's no way to decide on my adult fave, unless you consider The Road SFF, but it's iffy.

@shaunduke Probably Blood Music by Greg Bear. Still freaks me out.

@shaunduke If i absolutely have to pick one favorite, Good Omens is probably it

@shaunduke All-time favorite fantasy book: The Last Unicorn, by Peter S Beagle. 2nd favorite: Bridge of Birds, Barry Hughart

@shaunduke Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson and The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood.

@shaunduke Really hard to say. Ancillary Justice is way up there. The Left Hand of Darkness has staying power. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is marvelous.

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