What is everyone reading?

Tell me and I will train @Princejvstin as a professional flyweight boxer and he will defeat Sporkless Handlebar III in Sydney next January. It will be one of the greatest fights ever filmed on an 8mm camera.

@shaunduke I would love to have a chance to catch up with @Princejvstin in Sydney, so:

I'm just wrapping up Light from Uncommon Stars by Ryka Aoki. I'm very glad I have an osteopath appointment today, which gives me an excuse to recover on the couch and finish the book because I really need to see how it ends.

@Princejvstin @shaunduke I am reading yet another Victoria Goddard novel. Then I need to ask my Patreon people what I’m going to read next.

@shaunduke @Princejvstin I'm reading The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity. It's a fantastically laid out argument for a different take on the prehistory of mankind.

@shaunduke @Princejvstin RE-reading Cryoburn after reading When the King Comes Home by Caroline Stevermer.

@shaunduke @Princejvstin
ebook: Babel-17
Audiobook: Light From Uncommon Stars.
Physical Book: A Revolutionary For Our Time (The Walter Rodney Story)

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