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PseudoPod is open for Anthologies & Collections (first published in 2022) submissions until 31st July

We're open for general submissions 12–22nd August.

Sharpen your pencils (not to write, it's just a good idea to have a sharp piece of wood around here)


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Please RT!!! @UncannyMagazine will be opening to Short Story Submissions (750-6000 words) from May 16 to May 30!!! uncannymagazine.com/submission

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68 virtual author events and writing workshops in this week's roundup! Please share with anyone who might be interested <3


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A thread of speculative fiction submissions open this month if you’re looking! 🧵

I was gonna individually send notice to a lot of folks, but it's 1 or 2 AM for almost every I know...and I already accidentally texted @Loopdilou so... Oops.

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Fact: @intelligentwat is an incredible writer and we want to see more of their things in print.

Publishers: you now have your standing orders.

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"Who eats rice for breakfast?"

Most of the world population actually. Huge chunks of Asia. Anyplace where rice has been grown for centuries.

Stop buying into random eurocentric ideas of food. Especially if you're someone who swears by idlis and dosai.

I've been eating everything. Bánh mì of various kinds, cơm tấm, fresh seafood featuring species I've never seen before, milk tea, seas of noodle and rice dishes, stews and sweet & sour soup, and sweet dishes filled with jellies and candied fruits.

Vietnam is amazing, y'all.

InSpectres, Apocalypse World, Rifts, Lasers & Feelings, Blades in the Dark, Vampire, Star Wars Revised, Starfinder, Mage, Teenagers from Outer Space, Cyberpunk, Tales of the Loop, Mouseguard.

More than 5. I don't care.
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Without googling name 5 TTRPGs that aren't DnD we wanna see something...

I am in an area with spotty Wi-Fi, and so I can sometimes post but can barely read the feed or sometimes can't do either.

I am aware there was a shooting targeting the black community but not much of the details. And I don't know what to say except to acknowledge its misery.

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Only 13 hours left in the crowdfunding campaign to support the Clarion “ghost class” of 2020, who will finally be attending Clarion this year.


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