Just another friendly notice: I've not quit this thing. Just in finals week at my work, which means busy busy McBusy.

Just letting folks know that I'm going to be a little quiet this week on all social media platforms. Getting caught up on work!

I won't share my latest blog post on here because it would violate my "make happy" mission.

So, just know a new blog post went up, but it isn't about happy things.

In other news, I'm still alive and listening to good music!

Good morning, afternoon, and evening, y'all! It's #PollMondays, which means we've got a Twitter poll for you!

What is your favorite recent non-Star Wars space opera movie?

1. Guardians of the Galaxy
2. Jupiter Ascending
3. The Fifth Element
4. Serenity


Decided to pick a story from Glittership to read today and I liked it so it's also the story I'm sharing tonight.

"The Last Spell of the Raven" by Morris Tanafon from Glittership episode #47.

Yep, episode. With Glittership you can either read or listen to this story of with a definite Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell feel but in a world where magic is both far more common, and far more dangerous to use.


@shaunduke Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson and The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood.

Are there are good #music Instances which would be suitable for my 13 year old daughter? She has self taught herself some #guitar #ukulele and #keyboard / #electricpiano and has written a few songs.

OK the second panda attempt, after we looked at actual photos of pandas, went a lot better

@shaunduke All-time favorite fantasy book: The Last Unicorn, by Peter S Beagle. 2nd favorite: Bridge of Birds, Barry Hughart

For Friday, here's one of the random magical events from the backer-contribution table of my recent Kickstarter: Ominous avians of all sorts follow you everywhere... watching.

If you're a or fan, say hello and share your favorite book!

Me: probably Ragamuffin by Tobias S. Buckell.

Given that Mastodon allows 500 characters, we could totally run some kind of pen and paper RPG thing on here. Y'know, cause that's the kind of thing nerds would do.

How's everyone in the wandering universe doing today?

I run a Patreon account. One of the rewards for your support is the chance to have me as your personal writing mentor!


Excerpt from my :

There are plenty of ghosts in this town. Some go, others stay. Some, like the woman here, repeat and repeat their activities, like a looping film clip. Comfort knows the wife has come from her old home, and knows that she’s going to the rocky shore near the lighthouse, where she will fill her spectral pockets with shadowy duplicates of the stones at her feet, and then walk north until the top of her head disappears below the gray waters of Lake Ontario.

I think at this point it should be pretty obvious that on both my Mastodon accounts (this and @shaunduke) I'm basically Super Supportive Man. :)

There's a 100% chance that my apartment is dominated by German beer and books. Heh.

Just realised that I didn't even introduce myself properly:

I'm a lifelong fan of science fiction, fantasy and related subjects.

I live near Bremen in North Germany, the city made famous by the fairy tale about the town musicians.

I'm a writer, not just as SFF.

In my day job, I'm a translator of technical and legal texts. I'm also a teacher, originally for English, but now mostly for German as a second language.

Alright. If you've got a question about podcasting, whether my podcasts or your own or in general or whatever, throw them my way and I'll do my best to answer! #podcast

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