Well, I hit the wrong button when setting up my newsletter to send out tomorrow morning, so HEY, SUBSCRIBERS: YOU'VE GOT MAIL RIGHT THIS MINUTE!

For anybody else who'd like to get in on the ground floor with the first issue, here's a link:


Scheduled my first newsletter to be published on May 1st, which of course means that I’m endlessly tinkering with it today.

I am truly ridiculous.

Think I've gotten my newsletter ready to go, which is giving me a happy little buzz.

If you'd like to see what it is that I'm doing these days, here's a link to my little page of weirdness:


I mean, I'm writing stories in a world of cyborgs and velvet paintings, but I can't write romantic poetry, or I'd just do it my damn self.

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Honestly, just give me a film set in the BLADE RUNNER universe with Alan Cumming as a replicant romantic poet and Joan Cusack as an underground velvet Elvis painter and I am ALL GOOD.

I'm seeming to have found my creative groove again, and it's SUCH A NICE FEELING. The past few years have been rough creatively for me, what with *gestures at the world*. Nice to have some gas in the tank again!

Brainstorming newsletter ideas for my website right now, since the caffeine has finally started to kick in.

Lots of happy worldbuilding going on over here!

In case you missed it: my story in
Translunar Travelers Lounge
features my favorite type of main character - someone who soldiers on with a deeply dry sense of humor.

Happy tiara Tuesday yall! 👑 This week's tiara is so very queen of the forest vibes.

Moon Shadow on Jupiter

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS; Processing & License: Thomas Thomopoulos

apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap220427.ht #APoD

Honestly, I’d much rather spend today writing rather than doing my day job, so that’s sort of a positive, yes?

It’s taken me a few days to get my footing, but I think I’m getting a handle on this Mastodon thing again!

Reminded again this morning how I should never, never, NEVER leave the house for work in the morning without having had at least one cup of coffee.

Dipped into the federated feed for a minute and then dipped right out again, because TOO MANY VOICES SCROLLING BY FOR THIS TIME OF DAY.


If you want more queerplatonic SFF inspired by Palestinian folklore, I have a story out in the wonderful collection Xenocultivars: Stories of Queer Growth.


'Muneera and the Moon' is my sapphic, asexual love story inspired by Palestinian folklore, particularly folk religion and djinn!

I've also been illustrating it myself! :D


I'd forgotten how much I appreciate the relaxed pace over here as opposed to the bird site.

My stress level is way, way lower over here.

oh, uh, i don't remember if this was a thing yet when the shop became a thing, but i host a podcast about the Writing Life TM and specifically about the stories that we've stopped trying to sell, called Tales from the Trunk. it's on the birbsite at @trunkcast and also in all the pod places or just trunkcast.com so if you like friendly conversation between writers, maybe check it out? we're on our 4th season, now, so there's quite a back-catalog to dig into

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