I guess it's time for an

Hey, I'm Patricia and I like a lot of stuff! Mostly and -fi which is why I'm here now :)

I'm a and a and take way too serious. Also the only sport I appreciate (by watching, not playing) is

I also love the , and . The last one is to fault for my growing interest in &Dragons.

Probably missed quite a bit. Please, feel welcome to ask!

@schonwiedersamstag yessss critical role!! I'm hella behind on the current campaign but i love it

@silicon I was hoping to meet some critters here!

I have annoyed everyone in my offline life so much, that I need new people to fangirl with :D Where in the story are you right now? I don't want to spoil anything. Are you all caught up on campaign 1? Do you love Jester (this is obviously a rhetorical question)?

@schonwiedersamstag :D I'm all caught up on season 1, but only a few eps into Season 2! OMG YES Jester (Jester and Molly are my favs from the current season).

@silicon I love them all equally of course, but yes, overdramatic Tieflings are definitely my favorites. I really want Molly to get more into his powers though. I loved the episode with Noelle Stevenson as Tova in season 1 and I want to see/learn more about the class!

@schonwiedersamstag Yesss I love the tieflings. It's not a race I tend to play myself in DnD so I'm enjoying seeing what they're about!

@silicon I haven't yet had a lot of opportunities to play myself. So the only time I did I played a Goliath because I just love Grog so much!

@schonwiedersamstag Grog is such an awesome character. I always end up with humans or half-elves (love the versatility)!

@silicon I made a Goliath Stone Sorcerer (from UE) because nobody stopped me. And it was so much fun. I am super looking forward to our group getting together again so I can mostly smash villains ... but with extra magic ✨

@silicon And also (Travis is talking about this in all the season 2 interviews they are doing) I feel it is so much easier for a newbie playing a character that is not especially perceptive or smart. There is so much to pay attention to otherwise.

@schonwiedersamstag I think that makes a lot of sense. It also helps a lot to feel comfortable with roleplaying if you don't have to be in NOTICE ALL THE THINGS mode.

@silicon Yeah, I just bumbled along behind the paladin and hit things he didn't like. Which i think is fine since my stats mostly state strong and nice.

I also got the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting though, and I really want to make a one-shot in the setting. So I need to read up on a lot, I guess 😅

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