Okay, an actual :
I'm an writer with a few dozen short stories out (most recent one linked below!) & a novella forthcoming. For 6 years, I've run a that's currently on hiatus.

I'm interested in —but I usually fail at it because I live in a harsh desert environment, or because my two dig it up. 😂

I don't post my every thought on social media, but I do scroll. A lot.

Here's that story, text & audio:


Haha. Here is a very similar shot of my problem child back when he was a little pupper.

@sarenaulibarri he's still a problem child, just much larger now, and tends to be goofy anywhere on the floor instead of just up against the wall.

@sarenaulibarri assuming the gravity field to be right-to-let oriented, your dog is not ridiculous at all 😃

@sarenaulibarri Welcome to the fediverse and thanks for sharing that dog picture, it's adorable, ∞ / 10 rated

@sarenaulibarri Ha! Your dog went to Inception Training School! 🐶

👋🏻 Hi Sarena. I'm Aaron. It's nice to meet you.

@sarenaulibarri good to see you like #Gardening our rabbits enjoy the veg plot at the end of the growing season.

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