Yesterday a man tried to explain to my friend what the color orange was.

Hanging out at the country only karaoke place near my apt

All the men I hang out with are super into sloppy hairy girls and it gives me such messed up expectations

If I haven't figured out how to train a dragon yet, it will never happen.

I really want a bagel but don't want to leave the house

A character in a book I'm reading has no friends or aquaintences so he adopts two dogs then he leaves on an international trip. I am distracted from the plot by trying to figure out what in the heck he did with those dogs while he was gone. Board them? Let them run free in the countryside???

This outfit is entirely super cheap stuff from Amazon

I'm at a fancy new year's party and the women's room is full of bags and things that women have put down. On top of one is an actual diary. Just sitting there! In the bathroom! Is this a trap?

I gave my partner the best birthday ever and I am proud! 💪💪💪💪

I tried to Google "Anaconda choreo" but the second result was "Anaconda 11 year old choreography" so I just gave up.

I understand the literal act behind the word "fuming" now. I am literally fuming after seeing how low the Janelle Monae album is on Stereogum's best of 2918 list.

A few days ago I asked it to play "Thank you, next" and it said, "thank you for asking so nicely!" It stilled played the correct song.

Some things are nice in today's world. I said, "hey Google, play Argentinian psych-pop," and it complied.

Nothing is more peaceful than a university before students wake up.

The world is terrible but I made a ton of tomato soup on Sunday and it's like I have future me a little gift.

Update: it's basically "Tumblr Live!" and I love it.

Completing a bucket list task and going see a slam poetry show. Even better: tonight is costumed slam poetry!

My friends handed my drunk ass a BB gun and I didn't even get a gif set.

Remember when all those creepy clowns lured children into the woods? That wouldn't happen today because we have Gritty to keep us safe.

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