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For March 25 I'm reading Mari Ness's "Gretel's Bones"

This re-telling of the fairy tale is just amazing.

It's been a day y'all, so I'm reading quite late (for March 24) a by Patrick Armstrong, published in Star*Line:

"their language sounds like knives
on bones; I’m glad
the translator’s dead"

Quite dramatic and I (as a translator) will think about this for quite some time.

March 23, 2020, I read a by Holly Lyn Walrath called "A Terrible Meat-Eating God"

This blocktext poem is horrific and vivid, but I loved most the final piece of it:
"only the hush of waves and the thin promise of morning in the garden of eating."

For March 22 2020, I'm reading/remembering Mina Florea's "Remember"

The poem reminds me of a moment last summer when a friend described the fall of the tyrant in the Romanian Revolution.

For March 21 2020 I am reading Don Raymond's titled "The Billion-Year Day"

The poem is just beautiful. Any ideas what the black oasis descried in the poem? I've got a running theory it's a SMBH, maybe Sagittarius A*?

It's a bit late for Day 80 of 2020, but I read "Illiteracy" by Scott E. Green and Herb Kauderer.

This is such a peculiar , talking about a specific type of that surely the humans will never understand. It comes at a peculiar time for me too, spending my time wishing I could be teaching some media literacy to relatives.

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The time's been running on March 19, so I'm reading a about time travel by S.R. Tombran called "A Tiime Traveler's Field Notes"

It feels right to be reading this poem. Some of its verses sound like aphorisms: "The wise man builds his house nowhere."

For those of you watching Picard, did you know the Octanary Star System is actually possible? The highest recorded multiple star system is a septuple/septenary: One of them is ν Scorpii and the other is AR Cassiopeiae

For March 18, 2020, I'm reading "Intergalactic UPS" by Jeffrey Johannes

The seems like a timely read for me, things have been arriving really late in the mail (and returned to sender also really late, from last November and December!)

On 17 of March of 2020, I'm reading Ada Hoffmann's "Who Do You Think You Are"

That opening stanza was just wow: "You ask as if there is shame in thinking, as if I am sure of my thoughts,
but I think what I can scarcely say."

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I put a ui update on, it's still not very fleshed out in many places and still needs some thought/debugging, but it's somethin

It's March 16 2020. I'm reading "Electrical Symbols" by M.C. Childs

This is a curious , take a look at it for image fragments, or listen to it in the podcast version for a curious recording of the reading.

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March 15, 2020, and I'm reading E.F. Schraeder's "Procrastination (A Lullaby)"

Eerie to read this while thinking of social distancing and quarantines.

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Fox is helping me with the whole social distancing thing.

It's Pi Day of 2020, I'm reading Andrei Dorian Gheorghe's "Cosmic Agglomeration"

It's lovely and there is no such thing as "too many for a poor reader!"

Friday the 13th in March of 2020, and I'm reading Emily Smith's "Such Monstrous Births"

Watch out for the content warnings in this one, it's a particularly heavy read. Also do not search for an image of the condition if you're squeamish.

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