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Daily Poems I'm reading in 2020 (won't you read with me?)

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Hi folks, I'm Saqer. I'm an academic, finishing up grad school. I spend a lot of time translating short science fiction into Arabic, but haven't published any yet because reasons. Maybe that will change over the next year.

I also spend a lot of time listening to audiobooks of scifi novels, and the usual scifi podcasts. I spend a lot of time also wondering about backstories of minor characters and societal myths and languages in scifi.

We're *this* close to the last month. I'm reading the recently published by Michael Bazzett "The Revisionist"

I like how this isn't a time-reversal poem, but definitely a necromantic one.

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restarting to update firefox, as my father did before me, and his father did before him

November 24, and I'm reading by Tahir Hamut Izgil, translated by Joshua L. Freeman from

The (of the 5) that caught my eye is A Hungry Ghost

November 23, and this by Franny Choi

We Used Our Words We Used What Words We Had.

I recommend listening and looking at the poem. That is: look at the letters, the w, the x, the m.

The I read for November 22 was Benjamin Zephaniah's Why You Don't Riot

"You don’t riot if you have a nice job and a home to come to at night.

You don’t riot if you’re well fed and unemployment doesn’t pressure your head.

You don’t riot if you live in the city but have a country cottage with a view so pretty.

You don’t riot. Riot happen too late. And that’s South Africa, Britain is great."

November 21, and I found a tab I've had open for *months*, of Assata Shakur's Youngblood.

"They think they killed you
But I saw you yesterday"

Today November 20'th's is a really old one: from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali translated by Kanya Kanchana. It's short and not as long as you think it is.

Yesterday's which I read was Raquel Salas-Rivera's "no flota por los aires"

Scroll down for the self-transalted English version.

Today's is Michael Chang's Plump Rat (you can guess I love the stuff on Strange Horizons by now)

This line right here: "Her name is J.K. cuz this bitch aint serious"

So I set up my Bookwyrm all thanks to @tripofmice and yay!

It's a day, so I read 6 translations of the same by Matsuo Basho

Enjoy this exercise.

This is today's : Alice Fulton's Cascade Experiment

The reason I went digging for it is because Karen Barad (who I'm re-reading) started a chapter with a part of this in the book she titled after this poem.

link to a poem that deals with homophobia 

We're really getting closer to the end of 2020, it's Second Week of November. Just a few more to go.

I'm reading Fox's Testament by John Patrick Pazdziora. A little poem about fearing what might be behind you: "And see—who walks beside you, all alone?"

For November 13, I'm reading Edward Hirsch's "To D.B."

The thing I loved the most about this is the radiators. I lived in a building where the radiators would knock all night and (as inefficient as they were) I loved them.

It's November 12's , so I'm reading Beth Cato's "At the End"

I *loved* this poem and it really brought out the catlover in me.

I'm catching up, so two poems: the first is Silly Comets by Geoffrey A. Landis from the Mundane issue of Eye to the Telescope

Gotta say I love the mundane subgenre of speculative fiction and

And the for today is Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto's I Wondered if God Saw Me Through My Father

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My reading for November 9 is this by David C. Kopaska-Merkel called "The Hungry Void"

This is a good way to end the day, because I've been thinking of silence, nothing, and voids.

On that note, I'm listening to more Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan's , this one is "Paki"

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