Feeling very queer as I hang up the dress my ex-girlfriend was wearing in her profile pic when we first met.

(It's been my dress for a year and a half, only worn it once though bc agoraphobia and hate showing my upper arms or my bare legs at all, so knee-length sleeveless dress is winter wear only.)

Thanks 🙂 I am hoping to get less self conscious with clothes, it's annoying having cute stuff I never wear.

I need to go shopping for pants though, lol, I've hung up like 40 shirts and dresses today, but only own like 4 pairs of pants.

@saffron I find pants (or trousers, as I have learned to call them around my UK friends) make great pairs with some of my dresses, turning the ensemble into a kind of salwar kameez. But then with European motifs instead of Indian sub-continent ones.

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