Apparently today is a "knock over my water bottle on the couch, and knock my sausage roll on the floor while trying to dab up the water" kind of day.

I put a pillow out to dry bc it got water spilled on it.

It started raining.

@saffron This is really just not your day... *sends comfort hugs*

I'm a pretty clumsy creature, it's not that unusual, haha

@saffron Clumsiness is not helped if one's feeling less than fit or awake, though - and you've had plenty of reasons in the near past to be both of those.

*sends comfort against the clumsies*


True. I haven't been getting much sleep, so a bit extra frazzled, and my body hasn't had enough down time to actually fully recover from moving.

Not that I feel bad, actually feeling fairly alert and productive, which is a nice change!

I keep stubbing my toes 😭 I might take a rest day tomorrow.

@saffron That kind of low-level mini-accident thing can be what we call in this household "over-driving your headlights" - You go just that little bit beyond the area you can reliably operate in and... ooops.


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