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"Calm your fuzzy buttocks" is just so fun to say.

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Kitty when up to mischief: *most dainty and silent*

Kitty the rest of the time: *kicks self in the head and rolls backwards off the bed, lands with a thud*


Ugh, I just can't stand this one fb friend's profile pic.

He grew out his hair, and has the same hairline and a similar hair colour to the ex I met him through, and then add the beard he grew (which looks TERRIBLE), he just looks way too much like my ex that it bothers me every time I see it.

(On a related note: why are men so bad at looking decent?)

I think my pets have some kind of evil plan to throw off my sleep schedule again so I can't go out on Saturday at 7:30am...

It's so on brand for me to have nightmares about groceries...

But I seem to have anti-jinxed myself, so by having a dream about half my order being out of stock, in reality all of my order appears to be on its way.

(It's been a long time since I've had two deliveries in a row with nothing out of stock, really pleased with the local Coles.)

"how painting two conservative men kissing solved homophobia"

The chyrons on don't pull punches πŸ˜‚

food, menstruation reference 

"You don't eat tea and biscuits, you're a cat!"

Kitty cares not for my words, she ate a bit of bikkie anyway.

Me when my dog snuggles someone else: Traitor!! Such betrayal! How could you??

My dog when I pat the cat: Treachery!! Such unfaithfulness! Don't you love me anymore??

Honestly I have no idea where he gets it from πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Because I'm a mature adult, I whispered a drawn-out "traitor!" at my dog while closing the bathroom door.

He abandoned me to sleep in my housemate's doorway, where he's being doing is very 'subtle' thing of digging at the carpet to announce how tired he is and tell me to go to bed.

Clearly he's being a childish traitor, and I'm a very sensible human who's stayed up until 3am for good reasons!

Tfw you have enough clothes for your dog to consider hanging them up with your own clothes....

I wish my phone could pick up my cat's growling, bc I don't think I'd be alone in being surprised by how deep and loud it is (especially coming from such a small kitty).

Thinking about it, I'm a little more understanding of why two cats twice her size think she's scary when she's just a pair of glowing eyes under a bed and a deep growl.

One guess which Queen song I'm singing to the cat while he tries to wriggle out of my arms and go explore the backyard πŸ˜‚

Doggo it's walking around with a leaf on his face, and I needed that laugh πŸ˜‚

Having a bad mobility day, but at least I'm surrounded by cute pets (and a ridiculous amount of chocolate brownies).

I lay on my back for part of my nap, and I have regrets.

asking for money for food & bus pass 

so i learned about flemish giant rabbits and

XL bunny......

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