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"I love my job, but today all I want to do is swath myself in drapey clothing and make a bunch of fiber art." @daima has my feels

rupi kaur subtooting question 

so like I have only heard her name, I haven't read anything by her -- but I see various subtoots and subtweets and is it just like that she's brief and white women think she's deep and ??

i don't get why the admins of hate speech instances drop in to normal conversations and just chat as if nothing's amiss

like... you put time and effort into hosting a community of assholes, with you yourself being one of them. why do you think you can just interact with normal people :L

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BREAKING: nations ally over world-destroying threat: "this earth does not spark joy."

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On a much happier note, Oh Joy Sex Toy has a guest artist talking about their autism and affection and it's good shit and everyone should read it

chicago, fire, dog tragedy, fundraisers for people and groups (this is really sad) 

A Chicago dog boarding facility which was particularly friendly to "bully breeds" and pibbles had a horrible fire which killed over 30 dogs at this point. Another 20+ were rescued. There are fundraisers for both the owner (who was out of town and lost all his own dogs in the fire):

and the various rescues who need to find new places to board their pups now:


Guess whose AK Press books arrived?? (And pic of the one ebook I already got!) somehow left out Joyful Militancy. So. Hm.

as a cishet on this website I have to endure the constant abuse of everyone on the timeline. and let me tell you: it’s pretty fucking funny actually

This piece on many forms of “minimalism” in America as another kind of conspicuous consumption 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Guess whose AK Press books arrived?? (And pic of the one ebook I already got!) somehow left out Joyful Militancy. So. Hm.

the lesson to be learned from the y2k bug is that if you avert the disaster nobody will think you did anything

Youtube ad: Everyone hates writing. Why? Writer's block.

Me: You are categorically wrong. Writing is wonderful. Editing is what makes us anxious.

video game difficulty shaming 

(What kills me is that this rant was born out of three games I objectively love: AC Odyssey, Metro 2033 and Celeste. All are great. All can't resist the "this is how the game is MEANT to be played" commentary and it's needless and rude)

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video game difficulty shaming 

Honestly, have those modes! There are loads of people who adore them! But fuck off with this "hard mode is the only real mode" bullshit

Let people play the game their way and don't try to guilt them about it like some kind of asshole

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video game difficulty shaming 

Y'all I gotta be honest if one more game reminds me that a harder/less-accessible mode is "how the game is meant to be played" I'm just going to uninstall on principle

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