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A closeup of some of the black lake with gold stars and white sky with black stars. A strange, inverted plane.

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‪On January 3, 2018, I decided to do a 24-hour project. I ended up making a King in Yellow art quilt. I used leftover materials from a similar costume I made, but the quilt was 100% cut/sewn in a day (bound it later tho). Includes some details which aren’t really visible, like a cravat.

‪Did you know if you have enough scraps from cutting fabric you can make a big, comfy dog bed? And if you have pieces of flannel, you can make it flannel-topped and build in a blankie. ‬

Friends, I made both these cross stitches when I was younger... I had no taste but bless me I Tried.

(yes that second is Thomas Kinkade) ?

Unite Yahoo Answers and Mastodon. They’re quality shitposters. (Read asker’s response/rating of “best response”)

From birbsite—apparently Jenny Lawson’s Furiously Happy got cross-printed with GRRM’s A Dance With Dragons. she reports hearing from at least 3 people so far. Amazing.

/passes out

Ok I bring you a weird af King in Yellow which needs the fabric finished off and much better pics

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communism/ Babylon Berlin/funny 

A group of bourgeois rowers goes by and random observing characters...

I chortled

brothers playing smash brothers 

What it says on the CW. They are 16 years apart. And yet they come together to smash. My heart.

‪Torn between delight at this marginalia conversation in Tolstoy’s The Kingdom of God is Within You and like—folks—this IS a library book???‬

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