Well, last night the dog tried to save us from the danger of a fire alarm chirping in the back car side of the basement. I wish we could’ve discovered that in the morning. But it’s very good he tried to save us. Poor boy. He was so stressed. Now he’s snuggling the heat grate

Guess whose AK Press books arrived?? (And pic of the one ebook I already got!) somehow left out Joyful Militancy. So. Hm.

Doing that 2009/2019 thing. Heck yeah I got a really good selfie last week. 😅😅😅

Using an embroidery hoop and denim to create a hanger for my enamel pins. I need to find my recently-acquired jackalope too. And my hat with the Baba Yaga. 😍😍😍

My strongest hate-on for "effective"-style altruism is in Indianapolis. I go there every summer.

Indianapolis has coin donation boxes which say "no one should be bullied to give a handout. give real help. give here."

If I had a different personality, I would destroy all of these with an ax.

These are against every fiber of my ethos regarding human dignity and a direct attack on the people who spend much of their time on the streets where these are posted.

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Wow. This book is an “Amish” one. But before the bonnet busters got going in force (though early classics existed).

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