Hey Shop -- it's been a good time here but I've been eyeing for a while and will be moving over there. You can follow me ... it's been real good and I'm gonna set up a redirect here, occasionally remind folks, and keep an eye on it.

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@ruth sorry to see you go! I hope the new server works out for you.

@ruth Thanks for the forwarding address (and the extra initiative in getting in touch from your new place!)

@ruth unfortunately for whatever reason mastodon isn't letting me follow you D: but i'll keep trying

@ruth I cant do it easily through Tusky (which usually works no issue but it opens your account in a browser window?) And when I try and do it on desktop I have to give my username@server thing (if the window even loads)...and it still didnt work.

Idk what's up at all! I'm definitely trying though D:

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