Someday I wanna toot a thread about Anabaptists/anarchism. The tl;dr is there’s been compromise since, but the original Anabaptists were comrades of revolting peasants who went another route.

Not baptizing babies == not enrolling in the state registers.

Refusing drafts and being killed instead.

Forming separate communities and breaking all kinds of thinks first of religious-based but also anything against their life ethos.

The Amish agree as a community on the rule (Ordnung) they’ll follow and amend them at points. Similarly they won’t generally follow laws which conflict with the Ordnung. This has primarily been draft-related, again.

There are power issues and imbalances and lord knows the gender stuff could use some work there, but y’all know Anabaptists have done mutual aid since forever right?

Anyway. Some feels.

Oh but another feel-when I encountered the concept of mutual aid via socialists and such I was so delighted because I felt less alone! Like —it’s not just us? It has viability in broader communities? Because I don’t expect everyone to join me. But I dream/scheme of mutual aid teamups!


(Oh AND did you know Amish and some Mennonites choose their bishops and sometimes their pastors BY LOTS? They stick a paper in a hymnal and the man—alas always a man in those subgroups—who gets it gets the role. THIS IS NOT COVETED. It’s done to prevent power-hungry from getting it and force others to apply.

Which is how one of my English professors was also my bishop. He took it very seriously though it hadn’t been his life plan.)

@ruth can't help thinking we should adopt the same approach to government in general

as a matter of some urgency

@thamesynne there are so many stories of condolences, of people having mini-breakdowns, etc. sounds rough as heck but the community does support/affirm in that role

@ruth does sound rough for those who have to bear that burden. :-( are they chosen for life, or is it a fixed term of service?

@thamesynne it’s mostly life. Or until they’re quite old and perhaps ill.

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