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*blinks* Person on bird site mentioned a friend telling about taking a published D&D module and doing nothing more than flip the gender of the NPCs. Their players soon became convinced the land was in the midst of a massive conspiracy because how else could the utter lack of male citizens be explained.

ruth [personal / 🦇 / 🕷️ ] @ruth

@LilFluff this......... I play RPGs and I write RPGs and I'm like the cissest cis woman to ever cis (although not terfy and I make all my pregens have an initial and surname and people can choose any gender but like yay I love being a woman and support woman and) and YET I will still get notes back from my publisher like "this scenario has literally one woman in it what the heck" because my brain is still wired to see gender balances all hecked up.

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