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Found out one of my metal bands did a cover of The Cars' "Moving in Stereo." Wasn't not expecting that. How's your afternoon going?

I know what she wants. I know what the antagonist wants. But I'm struggling to have the two sets of wants/desires interact and clash.

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Ugh. I know how this book starts. I know how it ends. I cannot figure out the middle right now. I have some beats/set pieces in mind but no way to connect them. I keep trying to go back to "what does my main character want?" to guide me

Since 2010, 40 people have downloaded my undergrad thesis paper. Part me hopes it's to quote it in ways that show how I'm wrong.

Wanted: somebody to play all the NBA Jam parts of Pyre but let me decide all the narrative choice stuff.

She tells me earlier today her Win/Lose ratio was 15.5! (Whaaaaat?!)

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Wife is so intense while playing Splatoon 2. It's cute and scary all at the same time!

Goof of the day: constantly typing "yoda pants" instead of "yoga pants"

And apparently shelving things backwards is helpful for some neurodivergent folks due to limiting visual stimulus. So if that helps them that's great! Why would you attack that?

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I saw a post about people shelving books backwards. Then I saw soooo many (dudes mostly) authors shitting on it like shelving books spines-inward was some kind of sin or moral deviancy. Like I don't get how someone else shelves their books affects you in any way.

Credit card debt is down to 4 digits instead of 5! Debt tracker says out of debt by Jan 2019, but I think me and the wife can finish it sooner. End of summer would be *fantastic*

Strung Out's got a new single! This just makes me want a new full album right the heck now.

Behold in the shitty light of my apt ... the almost finished LITANY AGAINST FEAR

Good news everyone! I got *all* my notes moved over from Word, Zim, and Xmind, and into Scrivener! Now I just need to, ya know, make sure they're current.

I wrote a 2017 year in review post today. TL;DR I wrote more in 2017 than I thought, I changed jobs a lot, I got big goals for 2018.

TFW you're watching a Twitch stream that's on East Coast time and everyone's getting ready to celebrate the new year but you're on the West Coast

My house smells so good right now: roasted pomegranate molasses chicken in the oven, tumeric rice in the cooker, and naan about to go in the oven too

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