I want to start a death metal band just so I can take band photos wearing something *other* than a black t-shirt with another band's logo on it.

Took part in the Eevee Community Day for Pokemon Go. Caught two shiny Eevees and a shiny Swablu. Great success!

@ramona That's a good one. I feel like it doesn't get as much attention as their other hits

@eskay8 I think I deleted the doc I'm looking for. I thought I consolidated all the content into newer docs, but I must have missed that one. I don't have any backups in Dropbox or Google Drive either...

I'm pissed. Consolidating drafts and outlines and fixing my folder structure was supposed to mitigate this

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tfw you lose a document that had a material you wanted to include in this current draft

@kacealexander I haven't bought hard alcohol since moving to Oregon. It's just been a hassle to make a special trip to a liquor store

@kacealexander 1 is true for me too. 2 is kinda true. It's snowing now but not sticking. 3 I'm sorry to hear about. That's not fun

Turmeric golden milk overnight oats was kind of a failure. I think my spice mixture was too bitter. Kinda tasted like bitter curry oatmeal.

I wonder what would happen if I tried to make overnight oats with turmeric golden milk as my liquid. I think it could be good

My favorite pastime is saying in a Linda Belcher from Bob's Burgers voice whenever my dog gives me a tiny kiss: "Little blep. Just a little blep."

@kacealexander Not dying just some cartilage inflammation in my chest. I'd be a pretty chill ghost though. Pretty lazy.

@kacealexander I'm aliiiiiiive. My medicine is working on my chest pain. Annnnd I figured out a new angle for a WIP

Thanking the universe that I'm allowed to take early morning calls with European counterparts from home. 🙏

Luckily the doctor thinks my chest pain for the past week is Costochondritis. Just gotta have some fancy Aleve for 5 days and it should get better

@kacealexander I wish the tutorials had been better at explaining how investigations, bounties, and assignments worked

@kacealexander It's quite fun! I just got destroyed by a big monster-thing I discovered on accident

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