I want to start a death metal band just so I can take band photos wearing something *other* than a black t-shirt with another band's logo on it.

Took part in the Eevee Community Day for Pokemon Go. Caught two shiny Eevees and a shiny Swablu. Great success!

I'm pissed. Consolidating drafts and outlines and fixing my folder structure was supposed to mitigate this

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tfw you lose a document that had a material you wanted to include in this current draft

Turmeric golden milk overnight oats was kind of a failure. I think my spice mixture was too bitter. Kinda tasted like bitter curry oatmeal.

I wonder what would happen if I tried to make overnight oats with turmeric golden milk as my liquid. I think it could be good

My favorite pastime is saying in a Linda Belcher from Bob's Burgers voice whenever my dog gives me a tiny kiss: "Little blep. Just a little blep."

Thanking the universe that I'm allowed to take early morning calls with European counterparts from home. 🙏

Luckily the doctor thinks my chest pain for the past week is Costochondritis. Just gotta have some fancy Aleve for 5 days and it should get better

Current mood: feeling like I cannot for the life of me come up with new characters

Will the IRS care that I got blood from a paper cut on some of my W2s? This whole situation feels a little too on the nose.

Curry lentil stew is in the slow cooker. My apartment smells so good but I still have 3+ hours of waiting left

Can I just order all the curries for dinner tonight and live off of curry forever please and thank you?

Not gunna lie sometimes typing stream of consciousness ideas and notes out in all caps is helpful to me. Something about the different look to the letters makes them feel less concrete and more exploratory.

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Here's how I know this writing is going well: just created a file called "PLOT NOTES N SHIT." (Caps in the original)

I just saw the graphic novel "Afar" at the bookstore today. It was gorgeous. Instantly going on my TBR pile.

Puppy is getting her teeth cleaned so I'm working from home. It was so sad taking her! She thought she was going to puppy class, so she was *quite* upset when it was the vet's office.

I would like this nausea to stop please and thank you. (I did spell nausea correctly on my first try though)

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