so today the starts. the Tour De Fleece

it's an virtual along organised around , usually alongside the Tour de France (they're spinning, we're spinning; them on bikes, us on spinning wheels)

this year it's different, because the Tour de France is postponed, but the sticks to the original dates, because: why not, why wait.

start: 27.06.2020
finish: 19.07.2020


Last year some Tootlings formed a loose Team
you might join in if you're interested.
I'll include the in my toots so you can filter from other content.

@rottenmeier oh nice... I was sure I wouldn't join any team because I'm going on a cycling tour in a week, but joining low-key on masto sounds good.

perhaps this year we don't need to distinguish from tour de france, they won't ride. we can have #tdf20 to ourselves!

@distel yes, i thought about that too, but then, in retrospection, it might be useful, and it's nice.

@rottenmeier I had frühschicht and I'm writing in zombie mode but I'll join later.

@distel i'm thinking if i start spinning or trying to fix my blogposts by reposting most of tdf19 pictures on pixelfed. i'm not sure. is the blog relevant? is it relevant for me?

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