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i don't like to profile or identify myself but here are some of
my interests:

🍵 (sencha, bancha, hojicha, bai-mudan, and so on...)

(, no sports. noooo sports)

( early female electronic pioneers, and so on ...)
(i like when it's , it's , it's , it's ... )
(, )
(PC), am interested in more lately

toots in de/en


it was challange day yesterday and i ... not really challanged me but inserted a spindle project, neither spinning with spindles nor this fibre are my favourite, but i spun 15g (~10g is on the spindle, the rest already parked on the bobbin) in the evening i also finished the second half bobbin of the ongoing polwarth project.

hello dear
today is the first challenge day, because it would have been a mountain stage for the cyclists.

anyone planning an extra challenge for today?

i''m mildly thinking of doing _maybe_ a little bit of spindle spinning of a project lying around here for ages. that would not even be a small hill, just a bumb of challenge, but we'll see if i even take this.


the feed shows as usual, but when composing a posting, the uploaded picture and the filters are shown as broken.


i was productive over the day. i finished the second half of yesterdays single and spun more than a half of the next single in a following session.

Fedi - I could use some help.

Recently I have been playing a bit of a digital archeologist and exploring websites of late 90s/early 2000s.

I have grown up in Poland, and we had a few internet focused magazines, that would include copies of websites on a CD. I bet other countries had similar publications.

This is where I need help. What magazines from your country included offline versions of websites? English preferred, but I am happy to explore any language. Boosts greatly appreciated!


i was not very focused and easyly distracted, but i did my stage and spun ~15g of fibre.

Wie wurdest DU auf Mastodon aufmerksam ❓

Über ein boost wäre ich erfreut!


@rottenmeier @TQ it's fluffy like a cat, but it's one who doesn't break your stuff and doesn't vomit on your bed. very good yarn.


i plyed yesterday and put my first skein of yarn of this year in a relaxation bath right away. the before and after difference is huge, but does not translate alike in the fotos.

i read about the world the last moments, and i have no hope left.

i'll do some escapism and hope to regenerate.

Okay, I will say it: I find how #hashtags are being auto-corrected to lowercase in the #mastodon interface really damn annoying.

I *know* what I'm doing when I spell a #LongAnnoyingHashtag in camel case: it's way more readable that way. Why do I have to jump through hoops to have it tooted out like that?..

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