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i don't like to profile or identify myself but here are some of
my interests:

🍵 (sencha, bancha, hojicha, bai-mudan, and so on...)

(, no sports. noooo sports)

( early female electronic pioneers, and so on ...)
(i like when it's , it's , it's , it's ... )
(, )
(PC), am interested in more lately

toots in de/en

„Die Benachrichtigung durch die Corona-Warn-App über ein erhöhtes Risiko ermöglicht einen kostenlosen PCR-Test.“ Bitte unbedingt teilen, weil viele das nicht wisse. Und den Test wegen der Kosten evtl. nicht machen.

shit, i fell into some doomscrolling, and didn't even started the day with my bowl of tea....

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i made my own space in Mastodon, with hashtag #mushrooms and #sporespondence

so if you like mushrooms like me, use one of those hashtags

please boost!

It's #kinktober again and I don't really know what to for it this year so instead I'm doing something I haven't done before, namely #synthober. Every day I'll post a short synth jam.

Here is the first one, which is a experimental generative jam.

Any yeah I know in central Europe it isn't the 1st of October anymore. I wrote the previous tweet a while ago and forgot to hit send >.<

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