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i don't like to profile or identify myself but here are some of
my interests:

🍵 (sencha, bancha, hojicha, bai-mudan, and so on...)

(, no sports. noooo sports)

( early female electronic pioneers, and so on ...)
(i like when it's , it's , it's , it's ... )
(, )
(PC), am interested in more lately

toots in de/en

außer auf die datensicherung, auf die muss ich ja nochmal anfangen zu warten bevor ich fertig auf die gewartet habe.

ich packe zusammen und gehe nach hause. fertig gewartet.

und warum kann sich das fucking programm den entbindungstermin nicht merken. jeden fucking monat muss ich den erneut eingeben.

sorry, i can't really translate. i'm waiting for my software to do things. and i'm bored.

der grüne Wartebalken der Verzweifelung

und ihr so? auf was wartet ihr?

i was checking my savegames in the i was aware of 4 different storylines/families but there was a 5th forgotten/overseen one. it's interesting to see some other patterns revealed to oneself: patterns from preferences and from gameplay mechanism.

annoyed and stressed from work. give ma a second, or two... or lets say: two moments to rebecome a okayish version of myself. ( i hope my 🍵 will be ready then as well)

TV ist running, i know the movie, it's not so interesting since I know it already, but it's with Jennifer Connelly and Keanu Reeves and I like them. Shall I keep watching or playing ? I'm not sure what I want.

i had food Show more

the cat woke me by heavy playing, and now my brain is harassing me with thoughts and keep me falling asleep again. and there would be time for a few more hours of sleep.

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