Rape culture reflected in language Show more

Rape culture reflected in language Show more

Rape culture reflected in language Show more

Volle Solidarität mit den Beschäftigten der BVG, die morgen streiken werden!

i did not sleep enough (absolutely my fault) and not slept very well (also noone or nothing to blame but me, mostly) and today i'm very grumpy and out of balance and even bellicose(?), but i did not cause drama or fight till now.

now i'm home again, some insence and essential oils try to calm me down and i have some

transphobia / antisemitism Show more

hello fediverse, I am flausi, a cyborg punk squirrel. I work as an accountant and . I live in berlin, germany and a lot, at the moment donna 's "staying with the trouble". and I think a lot about living with , good surviving in capitalism, loving, sex, getting older, , , networks of solidarity, ecology, , pictures, everyday magic

Watch Gyorgy Ligeti’s Electronic Masterpiece Artikulation Get Brought to Life by Rainer Wehinger’s Brilliant Visual Score

openculture.com/?p=1046894 t.co/Xz997bJJ3T

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