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i don't like to profile or identify myself but here are some of
my interests:

🍵 (sencha, bancha, hojicha, bai-mudan, and so on...)

(, no sports. noooo sports)

( early female electronic pioneers, and so on ...)
(i like when it's , it's , it's , it's ... )
(, )
(PC), am interested in more lately

toots in de/en

Capricorn, a black nonbinary person needs 1060€ to avoid being homeless + 5000€ to pay insurance! Please read their gofundme text, donate as much as you can and share with everybody!

*german text in the gofundme*

their paypal:


RT @janboehm
Das ist alles von der Kunstfreiheit gedeckt
#zdfmagazin #dangerdan 😘 @igorpianist @antilopengang @RTOEhrenfeld

spielt hier jemand #Sims4?

ich hab unabsichtlich eine Gutscheinkarte gekauft, und wir wissen nicht was wir damit anfangen sollen

Die Karte ist natürlich wie sich das so gehört nur in Deutschland gültig :/

"Everybody's looking for a meaning
Everybody's doing their own thing
And nobody's solving the problem
Ain't nobody helping each other

Some people give into fear
Some people give into hunger
Some of us live for the future
Some of us wonder

Give a little light, give a little love
Maybe there's enough for everyone

People hold on
Don't do yourself wrong
People hold on
We've got to be strong
People hold on"

Coldcut feat. Lisa Stansfield - People Hold On

there are a lot of things i hate, painting (walls) is definetly one of them

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