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The Social Dilemma throws up interesting questions for those trying to build a new kind of social network that's less awful than Facebook. It highlights the mental health issues and stats, and that people are addicted by constantly coming back for that dopamine hit from likes, shares, and attention.

How do you dampen that dopamine oversaturation, without removing the social aspect? Would it help to ration some notifications to daily or weekly? I hope @Gargron is considering

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This one of those rare things, an online quiz actually worth doing. It’s a test to see if you can identify which social media accounts are real, and which were set up by disinformation organisations. And it explains the signs you should be aware of… 👌🏻 Can you Spot the Troll?


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Life is one thing, it's almost easy with enough time and hydrothermal vents. Complex multicellular life is another, a freak event that may or may not happen in several billion years and the odds are stacked against it. That's the takeaway I have from just having read Nick Lane's The Vital Question - which is excellent.

Still, it's good news there are signs of life on Venus.

I don't know why I didn't think to code this at the start of lockdown, but I made a randomly-generated addition worksheet with answers at the bottom that prints out pretty cleanly. Some other parents may find it useful, so here it is:

Gutenberg has a new website. I was hoping that meant you can finally search by date, or at least the author's dates which are definitely in their database, but not yet.

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A Dream So Dark, the sequel to A Blade So Black, is a worthy sequel that makes me keen to read A Crown So Cursed when it comes out. It's Wonderland, but with a lot more martial arts and love, um, pentacles? More tangled than love triangles, anyhow.

When the Abyss stares back make sure to wink at it, this will let the Abyss know you like it.

@a_breakin_glass fursonas are actually only fursonas when they're from the french region of furry. otherwise they're just sparkling anthropomorphic animals

Smudge approves the enzymatic cat toothpaste, as in he licks it off my finger then bites my finger in case there's more. Success! But, of course it's the more expensive brand - the cheaper one he'll tolerate, but could take or leave.

I have a working fridge! Or at least, I hope it works - I have to wait 4 hours before turning it on. I'm looking forward to rejoining the 21st century after a fortnight without.

I don't have a fridge until Friday, so of course it's a heatwave.

Double World is quite pretty, in a video-game-to-film kind of way, and quite a lot of fun. My full review is here:

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