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Smudge approves the enzymatic cat toothpaste, as in he licks it off my finger then bites my finger in case there's more. Success! But, of course it's the more expensive brand - the cheaper one he'll tolerate, but could take or leave.

I have a working fridge! Or at least, I hope it works - I have to wait 4 hours before turning it on. I'm looking forward to rejoining the 21st century after a fortnight without.

I don't have a fridge until Friday, so of course it's a heatwave.

Double World is quite pretty, in a video-game-to-film kind of way, and quite a lot of fun. My full review is here:

Food adjacent 

A question for techies: what are the most impactful ways to optimise a website to reduce carbon emissions?

There's a list of likely helpful things here, but I'm not sure where the biggest savings are going to be:

FYI, there's a 48 hour twitter walkout from monday against anti-Semitism on that platform.

Wanted: POC consultants for sci-fi story :boost_ok:​ 

The Old Guard 

Covid research 

Today, the cat learns that if you can't do the crime, don't do the time* as I keep him in whilst his injuries from fighting other cats heal.

*Doesn't learn.

OpenWHO has a lot of free short healthcare courses in a bunch of different languages:

Useful for language learning, and also perhaps a good teaching resource if you have kids off school.

Harassment, SFF 

FanasyCon 2020 won't go ahead. It's no surprise and it's the right decision, but it's also sad news. The awards and AGM will go ahead online. I hope that in future cons like this will maintain online elements for those who can't attend.

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