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I don't have a fridge until Friday, so of course it's a heatwave.

Double World is quite pretty, in a video-game-to-film kind of way, and quite a lot of fun. My full review is here:

Food adjacent 

My fridge freezer has died. I guess yesterday's high temperatures were too much for it.

Tea tonight is whatever was in the freezer before it goes off. I miss being able to invite friends round.

A question for techies: what are the most impactful ways to optimise a website to reduce carbon emissions?

There's a list of likely helpful things here, but I'm not sure where the biggest savings are going to be:

FYI, there's a 48 hour twitter walkout from monday against anti-Semitism on that platform.

Wanted: POC consultants for sci-fi story :boost_ok:​ 

I'm currently working on a sci-fi story set in the far future, and it's my goal to create a world that does not feel white US/Euro-centric. I'd like to pay a few folks for some input as consultants. Mostly, describing how they see their culture developing in the future scenario I describe and being available for future questions. Feel free to ask questions here or via DM and please pass this along to folks who may be interested!

The Old Guard 

I enjoyed The Old Guard, although that's a definite trend for any movies with Charlize Theron duffing people up. I hope they make sequels.

Covid research 

The National Institute for Health Research is putting out a call for BAME people to get involved with Covid research. Please pass it on to anyone you know in the relevant groups.

Today, the cat learns that if you can't do the crime, don't do the time* as I keep him in whilst his injuries from fighting other cats heal.

*Doesn't learn.

OpenWHO has a lot of free short healthcare courses in a bunch of different languages:

Useful for language learning, and also perhaps a good teaching resource if you have kids off school.

Harassment, SFF 

So, a number of male SFF writers, 4 that I know of, have been accused on Twitter of harassment, misogyny, and various levels of bad behaviour at conferences.

I'm grateful to have never experienced similar at the UK cons I've attended.

These revelations leave me with questions about why I'm so late finding out about this. I've taken some books off my wishlist, and I won't be supporting those authors in future.

FanasyCon 2020 won't go ahead. It's no surprise and it's the right decision, but it's also sad news. The awards and AGM will go ahead online. I hope that in future cons like this will maintain online elements for those who can't attend.

As the shops re-open, let me share a couple of magic words that worked absolute wonders on my family this evening.

Wardrobe audit.

I'm now up several pieces of good clothing, a new set of buttons, and I know exactly what's needed when I brave the stores. Not as much as I thought!

A primary headteacher proposes changing the UK school year to January-December, and extending the current school year to December.

Do you agree?

I made my random quiz a bit easier, but it turns out anything over 5 out of 7 is an exceptional score.

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