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I haven't been in a vehicle since some point in early March. Motorised transport is a staple of modern living, yet I scarcely miss it.

It’s amusing how many sites show zero content without JavaScript

No, I don’t enable JS on a first visit to any website. Ever. Only until after I’ve determined your site is safe and I want something you’re offering will I consider enabling it

The modern web is insufferable with JS. It’s like the bad old days of Flash all over again

If you're in the mood for something whimsical, try out my random book quiz. A different set of 7 questions each time. How do you score?

The idea of police officers saluting is a little disgusting, they should be as far removed from any ideas of military as possible.

Should be

has some interesting panels.

I feel like this could be a really good way of widening out participation of people who can take part in SFF conventions and discussions, because not everyone has the money or time to travel to events every year.

I forgot how much I love php. And also hate it. And love it, and hate it, continue ad infinitum.

Covid, reading choices 

In which I consider how the pandemic has affected how we read:

The local quarterly free paper arrived, like a message from another world. Most of it is ads and event listings, with the odd restaurant review. I expect they'll pause the July edition.

Great post here with the short and long version of why we need to all be wearing masks all the time for the foreseeable future. Think of it as a badge of honor showing how much you care about the people around you.

This boy was sitting in the gift bag, but came out for his photo as soon as I pointed a camera in his direction.

Covid adjacent - masks 

So I made a mask, and wore it outside the house for the first time. I'm seeing more people do so. It still feels quite odd, because it's not a cultural norm where I am. Yet.

If nothing else, I hope my hayfever is better for it.

I’ll try to switch to posting something more fun, possibly even frivolous, after this, but the information seemed important enough to share.

from a Michigan on how to clean your groceries after bringing them home:

I enjoyed To End All Wars by David Tallerman, a mystery about a WWI Lieutenant in the trenches who finds something peculiar amongst all that horror.


Fun With Fromage is a whole series of friends of mine eating cheese and getting excited about it. It's way better than I've made that sound.

Interesting things happened to book sales as people prepared for lockdown. My feeling is that bucket list books will be replaced by less worthy and more fun or accessible stories in a couple of weeks. It's a bit like gym resolutions now in the first week after New Year.

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Steve White's Bog Roll Billionaire, for your amusement:

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