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Jason Sanford on the lax security on Goodreads:

It is concerning that authors can be impersonated and trolled in this way. As an author, I tend to avoid the site anyhow, and as a reader the reviews can be pretty random, so I don't set much store by them unless I know the blogger's tastes. This sort of thing devalues it further.

Trying to navigate the British Gas robots to book an annual gas check. They interpret "put me through to a human!" in many creative ways. Not sure whether I've opened accounts for the whole street, ordered a new boiler, or the robots have achieved sentience and now they're just pranking me.

Is anyone else looking at the crisis in Australia, thinking about reducing their carbon footprint, and coming up short because it seems like they've already thought of everything that can practically be done on a personal level?

"Every day, millions of people rely on independent websites that are mostly created by regular people, weren't designed as mobile apps, connect deeply to culture, and aren't run by the giant tech companies."

- via @anildash

My friend Keri is really talented. This is Black and Blue singing their song Being Me Again, and IMO it deserves a wider audience.

2020 ne passera pas !
Ceci est un communiqué du comité du 32 décembre !
2020 ne pourra pas avoir lieu dans les conditions actuelles aussi nous demandons un abandon immédiatement de toutes festivités. Ni 2020, ni retraite à point ! Nous déclarons le 32 décembre comme celui du nouveau monde ! 2019, la lutte continue !
Vive la Secu ! Sus au nouvel an !

My reading resolutions for the new year are pretty relaxed. It's more about taking things easy on myself and the planet, and savouring experiences, than pushing to read X amount:

What are yours?

In my AU, Aurene isn't the only 'good' elder dragon. Jerixxa, formerly known as Plaguemaster Jeresyk, is the rightful heir to Mordremoth's throne, and took it himself. This is him in elder dragon mode \o/
The weird hand theme is still present, but unlike his Mordrem commander version, his eyes are not covered because he is no longer blinded by an oppressor.
Art sponsored by #GuildWars2 #gw2

For some reason I didn't get round to reviewing KJ Charles' Spectred Isle, but I have it shelved under "Fantasy" and "Hell Yes".

All I want for Christmas is du
Du hast
Du hast mich

Watch out for reusable bamboo mugs.

"Bamboo mugs are made from a melamine resin reinforced with bamboo fibres. While they are reusable, they are often marketed as eco-friendly, even though they aren’t biodegradable. Melamine resin is a polymer and in itself not dangerous, but its monomers – 1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triamine and formaldehyde – are toxic and can cause cancer."

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Triad Princess is only 6 episodes long, but it's cute, touching and funny and has LGBT characters (something missing from a lot of Chinese TV). Would recommend.

Is anyone from here on I just joined - the waiting time wasn't too long. I've yet to post, but I am looking for people to follow while I figure it out.

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